Married MP Lematia fights DSTV technician over side-chick on Easter Sunday

Married MP Lematia fights DSTV technician over side-chick on Easter Sunday

By Our Reporter

Arua –  Rumors surrounding married Ayivu West Member of Parliament John Lematia’s love for extra-marital affairs have come to reality when the National Resistance Movement (NRM) legislator went bare knuckles with a DSTV technician over a woman at Dreamland hotel in Arua on Easter Sunday.

Ariko who was beaten by MP Lematia over his girlfriend.

As a result, the territorial Police of Arua district have opened inquiries on the scuffle between MP Lematia, a happily married man in the Catholic Church and Jimmy Ariko after the fight at the hotel located in Kuluva parish, Arua district.

According to Josephine Angucia, the north western police spokesperson, it is alleged that MP Lematia and a lady called Faith Eyotaru went to Dreamland Hotel where Ariko had camped earlier.

“When Ariko saw the Hon MP and the lady, he confronted them, and the lady upon seeing Jimmy, entered back in the vehicle and asked the driver to drive her away. A scuffle then ensued between the two men over the lady as both were claiming to be in a relationship with her,” Angucia said.

“They were however separated by the staff at the hotel. By the time DPC and the team arrived at Dreamland hotel, they found that both men had gone to register their complaints at Arua city central division from where they were directed to go and report at Arua district police headquarters at Odumi in Vurra,” Angucia added.

Angucia said Ariko registered a case of assault on him by the Ayivu West legislator, which occurred on 31st March 2024 on Easter Sunday at around 3:00pm at Dreamland Hotel in Kuluva parish, Arua district police headquarters with SD Ref 21/31/03/2024.

On the other hand, Angucia said MP Lematia John, 40 years, MP Ayivu West Constituency, Arua city, resident of Okaliba village, Ayivu West Division, Arua city also reported a case of threatening violence on him by a one Ariko James, which occurred on the same day, same time, and same place, under SD Ref 20/31/03/2024.

“Statements were recorded from both parties and put in the file. While at Arua district police headquarters at Odumi in Vurra sub-county, the DPC and the team decided to have a round table meeting with the conflicting parties to establish some facts in order to harmonize the matter,” Angucia said.

“Findings from the meeting indicate that the lady in question, a one Eyotaru Faith, 25 years old, a relationship officer at Victoria University Kampala, had a long-time love relationship with Ariko Jimmy, a DSTV technician and formerly she was working with a Bank in Arua city. She allegedly separated with Ariko in 2023 and also left the job at the Bank. She then fell in love with MP Lematia who connected her to another job as  a Relationship Officer at Victoria University in Kampala and rented for her a house in Ntinda,” Angucia explained.

However, Angucia observed that  MP Lematia claims that this lady is now his wife (second wife), on the other side Ariko claims that they are still in touch with the same lady and that on Saturday 30th March 2024 she visited him at their home and they spent some good time together before moving out to Dreamland hotel with the MP on Easter Sunday.

Angucia said at the end of the harmonization meeting, both parties cooled down and decided not to continue with the criminal cases.

Angucia noted that the lady in question, a one Eyotaru told the police officers that her love relationship with Ariko ended and now she is in love with MP Lematia and she decided to leave the police station with him in his car meanwhile Ariko, left the station with his brother.

But according to Angucia, the police case files have remained open pending any eventualities over the matter.

In his statement, Ariko said what happened on Easter Sunday is like God wanted him to see with his own eyes how Lematia has been sleeping around with his long-time girlfriend.

Ariko remarked that he has been in love with Eyotaru for eight years, not until Lematia confused and grabbed her from him last year.

Later on, Ariko said they reconciled with Eyotaru, a reason she spent the entire Saturday at his home only to be taken to Dreamland hotel by Lematia the following day.

Ariko said he couldn’t believe his eyes upon seeing Eyotaru arriving at the hotel with Lematia.

“On asking why she was here, Lematia started boxing me immediately, a reason I reported the case of assault against him,” Ariko stated.

When contacted on phone, Lematia said the unfortunate part is that he was with  Catechists on Easter Monday, adding that our reporter called at a wrong time.

“I would have loved to give the information but I am in a wrong place,” Lematia said.

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