Contractors smile as Arua city awards projects worth over Shs500m

Contractors smile as Arua city awards projects worth over Shs500m

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi

Arua – Arua city officials have awarded contracts worth over Shs500m to eight different contractors.

Mayor Nyakua (L) hands over the signed contract to Acewere  (R) to start work. Wallnetnews photo.

Officials said the successful contractors secured the juicy projects after competitive bidding which followed all the necessary legal procedures.

This was revealed during a joint signing of agreements for the eight projects in Arua City Mayor’s office on Wednesday April 3, 2024.

During the meeting, David Kyasanku, the Arua City Clerk assured the public that the bidding process for the eight projects was transparently done.

He identified the projects to be undertaken as; the construction of two classrooms with an office at Lufe Corp primary school in Ayivu Division, a contract worth Shs147,699,420 awarded to True Stars Investments Uganda Limited, the construction of patients’ waiting shed at Arua police Health Center III, a contract worth Shs32,698,980 awarded to Judean Hills, the construction of two water kiosks in Arua Central Division worth Shs31,661,760, a contract awarded to Karakas General Supplies and Construction Limited and the fencing of Niva Primary School, a contract worth Shs104,496,000 awarded to Uguja Investments and Services Limited.

Kyasanku (L) stresses a point during the contracts signing meeting as Nyakua (R) looks on. Wallnetnews phot.

Others are; fencing of livestock market and construction of shed in Arua Central Division worth Shs79,879,000, a contract awarded to Time to Time Enterprises, the construction of two classrooms with an office at Ruva primary school in Ayivu Division, a contract awarded to Tabu and Brothers Enterprises Limited at a cost of Shs102,296,176.5, the construction of another two classrooms with an office at Odravu primary school worth Shs114,065,850, a project to be undertaken by Hope Engineering and Construction works while the repair and maintenance works at Arua City Abattoir contract was awarded to Quks Enterprises at a cost of Shs70,298,190.

“Today is a very important day where we are transparently before the political leaders to interact with the contractors to remove all doubts that the contracts are signed in the Town Clerk’s office or it is only the Mayor who knows, no! We have done this to begin our transparency move under the leadership of his Worship the Mayor of Arua City and the Division Mayors to interact with our contractors to know that above all these, there are political leaders who are watching and monitoring these projects,” Kyasanku said.

“But also, two, we are here to support the local content. They would go around anywhere but the Mayor insisted, we need the local contractors of Arua City to take these positions. We supported this and many of you are here because the political leadership has agreed otherwise, I have seen somewhere where they import contractors. So, for you as our local contractors, we are answering his request and we know you are the best we have, you are the best cream of Arua city and the region,” Kyasanku remarked.

Malon Avutia, the Mayor of Ayivu Division, appealed to the contractors to execute quality work and give opportunity for the local people to work with them.

“I request that let us first of all, do this work within the time stipulated in the contract, let us execute quality work and please, give opportunity for the local people in those respective areas. I’m happy many of you have been doing that but this time, can you even do it more and when there are issues, please refer them to us,” Malon said.

Sam Benjamin Adriko, the Arua City Chief Finance Officer advised the contractors to work hard in order to be paid before the end of this financial year.

In his remarks, Sam Wadri Nyakua, the Arua City Mayor noted that today’s event is very historical because this is not how the city has been managing contract signings.

“We have given out projects worth Shs589m, this is more than half a billion shillings. This money is going to go into the community. The trickle down effect will be felt by local labourers, local suppliers; those who provide sand, those who provide aggregates, bricks, those who provide labour for cooking, those who provide food materials, even the people who provide industrial materials will all benefit,” Nyakua said.

He added that: “I know you are interested in making profit but you need to ensure that you do quality work. Even if the profit earned is small but the work you have done is very good, it puts you in the good books of the council and it opens future opportunities. So, mind of that and do it very well.”

Nyakua observed that they are now left with three months to end the financial year and as a result, he urged the contractors who have money to start work immediately so that by the end of May, they will be able to secure all their payments before the closure of the financial year.

Speaking on behalf of the successful bidders, Titus Acewere, the Director of True Stars Investments Uganda Limited commended the city authority for entrusting them to undertake the projects.

“As said, all of us are aware that when you go to the field, you are supposed to employ the locals, we have been doing it and we shall do it. We won’t disappoint you as the city on that and all of us will be happy at the end of the day. On behalf of the contractors, we want to thank the city authority so much for doing their work very well,” Acewere stated.

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