NRM AT 38! Ex-legislator Mutyabule rallies Busoga for this year’s Celebrations

NRM AT 38! Ex-legislator Mutyabule rallies Busoga for this year’s Celebrations

BY Evans Najuna

Former Namutamba woman member of Parliament Florence Mutyabule who doubles as the Senior Presidential Advisor on Poverty Alleviation in Busoga subregion has called on the people of Basoga to turn up in large numbers to welcome Ugandans who are expected in thousands to attend two consecutive events; the 38th NRA/M Victory Day celebrations and the 6th of February, commonly referred to as Tarehe Sita.

The venue for the national celebrations for the Liberation Day for this year will be at St John’s Wakitaka SS Grounds, Northern Division in Jinja City while Bugweri District headquarters will host Tarehe Sita on 6th February, 2024.

Now the former legislator, Hon. Mutyabule is asking residents to prepare to tap into the economic dividends that accompany such events as well as display the highest level of hospitality which is Busoga’s trademark.

According to Mrs. Mutyabule, the multiplier effects will be immense trickling down even to the lowest person with hotel bookings, restaurants, vendors, transporters like bodaboda motorists and food sellers among others.

She made a reference a line in the Busoga Kingdom anthem which refers to Jinja as the centre of Uganda and that any person who does not step foot in Busoga should never say he has been to Uganda. Adding that, the Basoga should make the visitors very happy.
Whereas, in the third stanza of Busoga anthem goes thus: _“Ye nga twesiimye,n’ Inhaife Busoga,Ne eitala lya Uganda, Era ensulo ya Uganda; Bwoidha mu Uganda,n’otatukaku mw’idhinda, Enkun ya Uganda,oba agisubiibwa”_

“…it’s time to show to some of the people from other regions and countries who have only been hearing or reading about the beauty and abundance of Busoga and the nice people, that indeed Busoga is indeed gifted by nature…”she stressed.

The former head teacher-turned politician also asked the business community and the farmers to prepare to sell their products to the visitors as one way of getting incomes to their homestead. She also emphasized the need to step up the levels of cleanliness and hygiene to encourage the visitors to buy their products and enjoy the services saying Jinja is not only a tourist city but an industrial town.

Liberation Day is celebrated every year on 26 January to remind Ugandans and all peace-loving people around the world of the tremendous sacrifice that Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, now president and his compatriots undertook to liberate Uganda from dictatorship.

This after waging a successful popular protracted war which subsequently ushered in the era of peace,democracy,good governance, constitutionalism and the rule of law; which are the bedrock of social economic transformation.

According to reports, the UPDF last year identified a number of community projects like health and schools, water and sanitation that are currently being handled in Busoga as part of activities to mark Tarehe Sita.

Tarehe Sita is Kiswahili which means the Sixth Day which commemorates the 6 February, 1981 when the five-year guerilla war that brought the reigning NRM government to power was launched by an attack on Kabamba Military barracks.

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