Ankole women seek Gov’t support in fighting domestic violence

Ankole women seek Gov’t support in fighting domestic violence

By Amos Tayebwa


A group of Women under their Umbrella, Ankore Women in Development Association (AWDA) have appealed to the Government of Uganda to come up and start supporting such associations in fighting Domestic Violences from families and the entire communities from western Uganda.

This call was made during the function of the two years anniversary since it was initiated. The function was held a few days ago at independence park Mbarara City.

It was mentioned that a number of families in Mbarara have suffered from domestic Violence that have even resulted into poverty, marriage break ups, children escaping from their homes to the streets and many other challenges.

However, this prompted a group of women in Mbarara to start this association to curb domestic Violences in the surrounding communities. According to their objective, AWDA started purposely for guiding and counseling of men and women who are affected by the domestic Violences.

Doreen Natamba, the Chairperson AWDA said that they started this Umbrella with many objectives including the promotion of peaceful environment where women and men can exercise their equal rights as human beings, promote gender equality and to address the challenges that the random groups face like HIV / AIDS victims.

She also mentioned that AWDA is committed to address the issue where some members of the public are sexually abused and they don’t get fair justice.

The purpose of the function was to celebrate and fundraise for a shelter or rehabilitation center for the mentioned challenges above.

She said they have managed to establish AWDA leadership in 13 districts and they so far have 600 members. They have managed to buy a land in Katengyeto Biharwe where the shelter is going to be put.

Apparently, AWDA requires about 500m to build a rehabilitation center. This is the reason why they encourage government to come up for support for the cause.

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