Veteran Journalist Lauben Matsiko Vows to replace MP Timuzigu in 12th Parliament

Veteran Journalist Lauben Matsiko Vows to replace MP Timuzigu in 12th Parliament

By Evans Najuna

NTUNGAMO – Famously known for his Radio West program ‘Ekitangaazo every Monday, and also a former Senior Sub Editor at Vision Group (Orumuri), Lauben Matsiko Muhumuza has punched himself into the political waters of becoming the next member of Parliament replacing MP Timuzigu Michael for Kajara County, Ntungamo district come 2026.

Matsiko whose roots are Ihuriro village, Kyaruhuga Ward, Nyamunuka Town Council has now put his efforts on 12th parliament.

According to Mr. Matsiko, In a brief interaction with Wallnetnews, says he will soon unveil a detailed manifesto when the political space is officially opened on what he intends to achieve for the people of Kajara.

“I am sure we will have the best manifesto for our people. But to tip you off, our emphasis will be on improving health standards of our people, supporting education with a strong emphasis on tertiary institutions for our young people, household income improvement and above all supporting government projects and programmes”, he said.

He however, noted that as a christian, he believes that all leaders are chosen by God.

“I also believe God will choose the best amongst all the contenders that will be in this race. I always pray for God’s guidance especially in this political journey” Adding that he has closely lived with the people of Kajara and he surely knows what has deeply affected them and will ensure that these priorities are met.

Concerning the current political environment in Uganda, the former journalist said that the current Leadership of President Museveni has done its best.

“I know there is a section of Ugandans punching holes in the leadership of President Museveni and his achievements, however, like any other leader, he also has had his challenges as a President and that’s not a yardstick enough to rate him below average in deliverables” he said.

He said President Museveni has delivered over and above average. “I have in the past vigorously traversed the whole country several times on both covert and overt assignments, analyzing, mobilizing and campaigning for President Museveni and I will find no problem voting him again if he offers himself for the next coming elections” he said.

“We need to appreciate that at the moment, President Museveni is the center of Uganda’s stability and we should never take the opportunity for granted”.

In relation to the political trends with MK-Movement, Matsiko said “I have no problem with Gen.

Muhoozi coming for the highest office as President because he is a Ugandan who qualifies to contest for the same.

Therefore if Ugandans find him fit and they are sure he will be the best replacement for his father, I find that not a problem on my part. I also find no challenge working with him as my President when I am elected Member of Parliament for Kajara County”

Whereas, when asked his take on the current Multiparty Political system in Uganda, ex-journalist said, “What I find not right though are the internal bickerings within various parties including my own NRM which ends up in the public domain. Disagreements are healthy but as politicians we should learn to contain these disagreements internally.

Currently, Lauben Matsiko is the Head of Business at CloudIT – UGANDA, the second largest Google Partner in Africa. He previously worked with several media houses including former Orumuri, New vision, Radio West, Vision Radio, Top Radio, Wizarts Media and Daily Monitor Online and other private engagements with the government.

It can be noted that, the current Kajara Country member of parliament Hon. Timuzigu has on several occasions been quoted saying he won’t vvy for 3rd term come 2026-2031.

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