Mbarara District leaders split as LCV boss faces political intrigue

Mbarara District leaders split as LCV boss faces political intrigue

Amos Tayebwa
Conflict, Division and riverly have dominated Mbarara District Leadership where the LC5 Chairman Didas Tabaro and his Councilors are no longer meeting at one parallel due to  internal political position interests.
According to the sources, there are allegations that pin  the District Chairman for  becoming a dictator on some decisions that drive the leadership of the  District. This came recently basing on conflict of interest  by the District Chairman as the Council was voting for the new leadership of sectoral committees.
It is said that the chairman of the District, Tabaro showed interest in some areas about the persons whom  he had wanted to take the positions of Chairmanship of some committees. However, this happened contrary to his exception, out of five committees, four were taken by his opponents in that council.
This creates suspicion that there will be loopholes in service delivery due to disunity and  poor collaboration between the Chairman, the Chairmen of the committees and other councilors who are already on bad terms with the District Boss.
Last week, Mbarara District Council came up with a resolution to vote for the new Chairmen of the Committees which include, Works committee, Finance committee, Social services committee, Community based services committee , and production, Trade and Natural resouces Services committee.
Before voting time, it is alleged that there were camps where the District Chairman was campaigning for his people he had interest in but his candidates were floored, he only got one seat of production,Trade and Natural Resource Services Committee . And this seat was taken by Councilor Julius Bishanga.
Other Seats were taken by the people whom the Chairman was against and these include Suveriuos Nuwagira Chairman works committee, Joseph Arinaitwe Chairman Finance committee, Agnes Natamba for Social Services, and Memory Nasasira for Community Based Services.
 It is said that there are two key opponents of  Chairman Tabaro in his Council whom he had chased from their positions, these include Benard Mugume Ekikondanjojo whom he recently sacked  from his Executive as the Secretary for Community Based Services accusing him of corruption related issues.
These two muchas are in the same council but they have become political enemies to each other since then. Ekikondanjojo was Chief Agent to Didas Tabaro during the last election for LC5 Chairman Mbarara District.  Suverious Nuwagira is said to have also gone parallel with the District Chairman from the time when he was dropped from the position of being his Person Assistant.
In the last Council, Chairman Tabaro announced another person as his new Person Assistant replacing Nuwgira. This decision by the Chairman prompted Nuwagira to also announce himself to stand on Chairmanship for Works committee where  Tabaro had got a lot of interest in some other person.Later Nuwagira won that position. Nuwagira is the District Councilor representing Bucuro Sub-county.
According to the sources, there has also been misunderstandings between Chairman Tabaro and Joseph Arinaitwe, Councilor representing workers in the District who doubles as the Finance Committee Chairman. Arinaitwe has gained his position as the Finance committee Chairman for the second time, but it is alleged that the  two have not been closely working together due to misunderstandings about fuel allowances for the Chairman’s vehicle which was cut by the Finance Committee.
The duo are no longer seeing eye to eye. It is said that Arinaitwe, using his powers as the Chairman of Finance committee was able to cut Executive committee  fuel allowances and was added to the Councilor’s allowances. This decision did not go well with Tabaro who started an internal conflict with Arainaitwe demanding for his fuel allowances to be increased as it was before.
According to Suverious Nuwagira, he  said that he was shocked with the abrupt decision from his Boss the district chairman for coming up in a full council and announced another person as the PA without notifying him.
“Personally, I was not aware that my Chairman had wanted to replace me with someone else, he declared for someone else in the same position that I was working as his PA, he said that he wanted me to be working with someone in the same position. But in a real sense the Chairman was  sacking me , so I had to quit and get an alternative to stand on the Works committee Chairman. Tabaro was against me also on that post but luckily enough I floored him with the person he had interest in” said Nuwagira.
In a period of two years, Tabaro as the District Executive Boss has made a number of changes in his executive Committee, something that has turned his blued eyed boys into becoming  his opponents or enemies. He is believed to be a no nonsense man.
In his statements on several occasions, Tabaro sounds to be a person that does not tolerate corruption in his District.  In the previous days, Tabaro has made statements that he will not allow any of his staff or his Executive members to be involved in any corruption related scandals, that once one is found in such scandals, as the chairman he has power to dismiss that person.

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