Launching the race: Aspirants submit nomination forms for UPSSA District executive positions

Launching the race: Aspirants submit nomination forms for UPSSA District executive positions

  • March 5, 2024
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By Emmanuel Sekago

In an exciting development for the Uganda Primary Schools sports association (UPSSA), the race for district executive positions is officially underway.

Aspiring leaders, driven by a passion for sports and a commitment to fostering athletic excellence, have begun submitting their nomination forms to the district returning officers,  which ends on Thursday, March 7th 2024, marking the beginning of a crucial phase in the democratic process.

Aspirants for various UPSSA district executive positions are actively engaging in the democratic process by submitting their duly filled nomination forms. These forms serve as the gateway for individuals to officially declare their candidacy and outline their vision for the advancement of sports and athletics within their respective districts.

It should be noted that the submission of nomination forms is not merely a procedural step; it is a powerful declaration of intent. Aspiring leaders are signaling their commitment to contribute to the growth and development of sports at the district level. Each submission represents a pledge to uphold the principles of fairness, inclusivity, and dedication to the sporting community. The pool of aspirants reflects the diversity of talent and expertise within the sports community.

Sports officer kween district receiving dully filled nomination form for one of the aspiring candidate

The process of submitting nomination forms underscores UPSSA’s commitment to a democratic and transparent election process. Aspirants are encouraged to engage with the sports community, presenting their visions and engaging in constructive dialogue with stakeholders. This democratic engagement ensures that the elected leaders truly represent the interests of the sporting community they serve.

However, Each aspirant, through the submission of their nomination forms, articulates their vision for advancing athletic excellence within their district. From grassroots development initiatives to infrastructure improvements, the declarations showcase a collective commitment to elevating sports and athletics to new heights.

In Conclusion, the submission of nomination forms for UPSSA district executive positions heralds an exciting phase in the association’s journey. Aspiring leaders, armed with passion and dedication, are ready to contribute to the vibrancy of sports at the grassroots level.

The sports community eagerly anticipates the unfolding democratic process, confident that the upcoming elections will usher in a new era of leadership committed to the growth and prosperity of sports and athletics in Uganda.

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