Keddi extends humanitarian support to refugees in western Uganda

Keddi extends humanitarian support to refugees in western Uganda

By Thomas Odonga

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr.Keddi foundation,Steven Keddi made a humanitarian outreach to Kyaka II refugee camp in Kyegegwa district.

During the visit ,Dr.Keddi together with his team donated relief items including scholastic materials ,relief food and other items worth millions to Angels care school , Kyaka II refugee camp and locals around the district.

While at Angels Care School ,Keddi encouraged pupils who are mostly from the refugee community to remain focused on studies despite the challenges they face in their journey of education.

“The school has 1,300 pupils and 90% of the them are refugees, most of these learners go through a lot to study. There are a lot of necessities required to ensure these young people learn , as Keddi foundation;we are going ensure that we keep encouraging them and support where necessary “ Dr Keddi stated.

He added the school faces challenges including limited space for learners ,collapsed buildings, needy Pupils and among others.

During his reach out at Kyaka II refugee camp , Keddi delivered the hopeful message of endurance regardless of the war impacts that scattered their families.

“Uganda is a very good hospitable country and so peaceful. As Keddi foundation we were meant to serve humanity and that’s what we are doing to share with the little we have with our people”

Keddi appealed to the community residents not to lose hope but strongly believe in change of circumstances.

According to the Director -Angels Care School, Pastor Godfrey Byaruhanga , the school started with only 30 pupils but to the call for study with in the refugee community,the number has severally to 1,300 learners currently.


However , Byaruhanga called for support and intervention from both local and international funders to sustain learners at school.

“As a school near the refugee community, we face a lot of challenges including no pay of fees from the poor parents , there’s even need to provide support to girl child who suffer menstrual challenges including other challenges” Byaruhanga added.

Pastor applauded Keddi foundation for the humanitarian outreach to support the needy.

Jjeni Mwanbu , a Congolese and refugee at Kyaka II settlement appreciated the support from the foundation.

“We are so happy for this day of support. Sometimes, we go through ; no food , no essential staff to help us but we are so happy for Keddi and his team for the humanitarian heart” Mwambu said.

Kyaka II refugee camp sits on 70 square mile land located in Kyegegwa district.

Keddi is expected to traverse the rest of the districts including Kasese , greater bushenyi , Isingiro among others to extend humanitarian support to the needy communities.

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