Deputy speaker Tayebwa calls for family unity as Gen. Muhoozi’s tight buddy ties knot

Deputy speaker Tayebwa calls for family unity as Gen. Muhoozi’s tight buddy ties knot

By Tukwatanise Musa
Lyantonde – It was a magnificent ceremony as famous Kampala Businessman and entrepreneur Hon. Seth Ahabwe Muyambi of Kashagama, Kabura county, Lyantode district wedded his long term fiance Rhonah Nankunda on Saturday at Stephens C.O.U Lyantonde. This event proceeded with a colourful huge gathering reception that was earlier prepared at their home in Kabutetera Kashagama.
The function was marked and recorded by residents as one of the most ever attended in the area. This was blessed by the Deputy speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa and members of the first family including;  MK-Movement great mobilizer and  Chairman Michael Nuwagira Kaguta aka Toyota accompanied by his wife Mrs Babrah Toyota, together with his young brother Hon. Aine Sodo Kaguta with his wife, Hon Nzeire Shedrack Kaguta with his wife.
Interestingly, the couples were blessed to have the presences of the first Son of the Republic of Gabon but also Military generals from American military, ambassadors from different states, prominent national  and international businessmen, religious bishops, catholic priests, muslims sheiks among others.
Speaking at the event, Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, informed the entourage that, he had not come to Kasagama as the Speaker but rather as a family friend who recognizes. According to Tayebwa, he appreciated his bond within the family especially to  Mr. Emmanuel Akandwanaho and Hon. Seth Ahabwe Muyambi (brothers)
He applauded the bride and groom for the family for setting a landmark event in Lyantode and Uganda. “Its unity of the family that brings such events”, he said.
The speaker acknowledged the event using ekinyankole proverb,  _omukazi akaringura mukiba ati, tikihari konka nonkiza_ which is literally translated  as Hon. Sethe is Bigger/superior than him. Hence, Hon. speaker accepting that the family of Mr. Akandwanaho Emmanuel and Hon. Seth Muyambi is super rich.
The MK Movement which eas fully represented by their great chief mobilizer Chairman Toyota  accompanied with formely district coordinators for Team Chairman from the entire great western region together Ms. Jacqueline the secretary General gave speech on behalf of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba. She confirmed and emphasized how Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba wished to attend the function of his friends Mr. Akandwanaho Emmanuel and Hon Seth Muyambi but the busy schedules couldn’t allow him. She noted that Gen. promised to invite Hon. Seith Muyambi and his wife for a dinner after the party.
In his remarks, Chairman Nuwagira Micheal Kaguta Toyota who spoke as a family friend and a great mentor of Mr. Emmanuel Akandwanaho  and Hon. Seth Muyambi, encouraged people to love government and president Museveni, assuring people that there is no difference between Mzee Museveni and Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. He reiterate how the MK Movement is a force brought forward to prepare the continuity and sustainability of the revolutionary agenda ushered in by Mzee Museveni. “We are here enjoying peace and stability, our key role is to ensure this peace and stability continues”, said Toyota.
Conclusively; the couple (Hon. Seth Muyambi and wife) thanked people of Uganda particularly residents of Kabura Lyantonde for coming in big numbers and for supporting them as  family. He assured the congregation that he’s soon coming to tour the entire Kabura County and requested them to welcome him when he comes. He later declared the reception and opened up bar with all brands of drinks that left many people speaking in tongues.

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