IRCU credits UBOS for involving religious leaders in the 2024 Census program

IRCU credits UBOS for involving religious leaders in the 2024 Census program

By Evans Najuna

Kampala – Religious leaders under their umbrella body of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), have credited Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) for involving religious leaders and other denominations in the forthcoming national housing and population census.

The remarks were made on Thursday by the Archbishop of Church of Uganda His Grace Dr. Steven Kaziimba Mugalu who doubles as the Chairperson council of presidents for IRCU during a prayer breakfast meeting at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

In his speech, Kaziimba hailed the statistics body for the great vision in reaching out to religious leaders and making sure that they are fully aware, but also involved in the forthcoming census.

Dr. Kazimba noted that the census meeting with religious leaders cemented a strong partnership between UBOS and the religious fraternity, adding that it is a step in the right direction as a work towards having information and data to make central decisions in the country.

He encouraged all members in their capacities to also add their voice in popularising the national census.

He also reminded them that the dates of 2024 national census will run for 10 days from 10th to 19th of May, 2024, not forgetting that the night of 9th which is very important.

Kaziimba further implored them to keep in mind the days and be ready to be counted as they follow advice received from the Bureau.

He informed fellow members to recall that the census has not just begun today but has been conducted over the years in history.

“As religious leaders, we see the census as a central activity in the management and governance of the country,” Archbishop Kaziimba said.

He also noted that during Biblical times counting of the people and property was part and percale of God’s plan for our fore fathers as stated in Exodus 30: 11-6. “…….then lord sent Moses, count the Israelites so that you know how many they are”. He explained that, every time this is done a person must make a payment to himself to the lord so that nothing terrible will happen to the people.

The clergyman further emphasized that population census is part and percale of the faithful community and encouraged fellow religious leaders to embrace it.

“I am sure that the majority of you are conversant with the story of our Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 2: 42. This teaches us how Joseph and Mary heeded to the message to be registered in the town of Nazareth,” Dr. Kazimba recalled.

Dr. Kaziimba conclusively encouraged all religious leaders to use all their networks and platforms available to popularlise and spread the message about 2024 national population census, and rallied political leaders to embrace the activities of the census because it is the only way to know how many people there are in the country are.

The executive director of UBOS Dr. Chris Mukiza in his remarks welcomed and appreciated the religious leaders for heeding to the call.

He informed them that as a Bureau they are ready to give the country the best statistical data and information, adding that this will inform the government initiatives both local like National Development Plan and regional as well as international agenda like; the sustainable development goals, Parish Development Model, East Africa region 2050 and Africa we want of 2063.

He noted that the data the bureau will generate shall be informed of these Development agendas

Dr. Mukiza further reminded the religious leaders that the 2024 population census shall be the 6th post independence national housing and population census, noting that the first census was conducted in 1948.

He also said that Uganda’s current population is projected at 46 million, adding that by December 2024 the bureau will have provided the actual numbers.

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