Women asked to stop harassment against their Husbands

Women asked to stop harassment against their Husbands

Amos Tayebwa
Women in Mbarara District have been asked to stop harassing their husbands and focus on working together to achieve development in their homes.
This appeal was made by Leaders especially Members of Parliament from Mbarara District emphasizing that women have been empowered and became a burden to their husbands in their homes.
It was said that those women who are in Leadership have become a  bigger problem to their husbands to the extent that they have turned to be Husbands instead of being under the man’s control at home.
While addressing masses at Mirongo, Kashare Sub-county Kashari North in Mbarara District during the recent Women’s day commemoration for Mbarara District, Margret Ayebare Rwebyambu, the Woman MP Mbarara District urged Women to remain women and know their roles at Home.
MP Rwebyambu revealed that the women of today have been empowered with high levels of education and positions of leadership in the Government, something that has let the women underrate the title or respect of their husbands.
“Most of the women in this country have problems with their husbands because of their powers. I want to appeal to my fellow women out there that empowering women does not mean that you are going to be higher to the man’s level, even if you have titles and respect in whatever capacity, you must remain a woman. Even if you become a member of Parliament like me it doesn’t make you claim to be a husband or a man in your homes. By the fact that God created a man first and  a woman later you have to know your level as a woman. When it goes beyond you will not sustain your marriage” said Rwebyambu, Woman MP Mbarara District.
On the same function, Millions of money were raised through fundraising purposely for the construction and equipping a skilling Center in Bwengure to empower a girl child with skills.
Bazir Bataringaya Rwankwene, the Kashari North Member of Parliament appealed to  the women to be involved in Government programs as one way of promoting wealth  and sustainability of their families. He further appealed to the Government of Uganda through Minister for State Public Service Marry Mugasa who was the Chief Guest of Honor that salaries of  Chairmen LC1, LC2, LC3, LC5 and all the Councils should be increased.
Mary Mugasa also asked the Women to work with the men side by side. She mentioned that there cannot be development achieved if the smallest unit of development is tampered with. She asked the women to respect family values.

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