Why Rukungiri overwhelming Voted for NRM in 2021 General Elections

Why Rukungiri overwhelming Voted for NRM in 2021 General Elections

By Evans Najuna

RUKUNGIRI – The entire country was in left a surprising shock after the National Resistance Movement (NRM) won most seats in Rukungiri district yet a renown birth and home of (FDC’s) Kiiza Besigye. This publication takes a flash on to what gave the shocking trends to the country.

Rukungiri district located South Western Uganda has three electoral constituencies; Rujumbura, Rubabo and Rukungiri municipality.

In that case, Rukungiri is mandated to 4 legislative positions in the parliament to which most residents voted in favor of NRM. Initially, the political trends in this southwestern district were usually in favor of FDC.

Any political analyst would wonder how and why NRM politically over powered opposition in Rukungiri district.

Out of curiosity, our reporter reached the ground to investigate and disseminate the factual information regarding the ruling party’s victory in 2021.

Attributes to NRM Victory NRM Tactics

Firstly, there was a lot of consistency in promotion and loyalty to NRM principles by the party cadres the district especially the NRM chairperson who no matter having lost the Rujumbura seat in 2016 elections to Hon.

Turwamuhweza Fred he kept loyal to NRM party. Its believed that residents got tired of opposing NRM government without any benefit and what made it worse, opposition wasn’t benefiting voters at all.

During the campaigns, NRM applied a strategy of intensive mobilization, door-to-door/village-to-village spreading of NRM gospel.

Its alleged that Gen. Jim Muhwezi the NRM chairman and Rujumbura flag bearer hardly rested as he was ever busy visiting all the 363 villages twice and so did the other candidates.

Residents from Rujumbura observed and compared Gen.Jim’s performance record with that of Hon.Fred’s regarding development in the region and regretted why had changed leadership hence sending Jim Muhwezi back to parliament as their new legislator.

Joint Efforts:
Rukungiri people residing in urban cities of; Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, Mbarara among others integrated to mobilize for NRM.

Most of them voluntarily committed their time and resources throughout the campaigns. A political analyst in the district revealed that, “Posiano Ngabirano, Tumwesigye Ambrose aka Kibuuka, Muhwezi Nyindombi, Dan Karyaija, Moses Mugabi, Deogratius Mugabi, Robert Kabeneitwe, Edwin Kuteesa, Kokunda Julius, Sonia Akankwatsa, Patience Kansiime” among others suspended their formal jobs to involve themselves into the ruling party campaigns voluntarily.

Additionally, there was formation of formidable mobilisation teams (M7 volunteers led by Fred Kabwira, Team Kibuuka by Ambrose Kibuuka, Team Kampala by Posiano Ngabirano, Team Jim headed canon Susan Muhwezi, Team Foot Soldiers by Dan Karyaija, Team Kaharata, Team Rutahigwa), among others was a vital attribute to NRM’s victory in Rukungiri district.

Power of the youths

Youth in the district, voluntarily mobilized voters to go with NRM hence requisition of Gen. Jim’s return to lead and represent them in the 11th parliament.

During the campaign, the ruling party applied effective strategies with changed mobilization structures like using young and vibrant coordinators as a resource especially those that had converted from opposition to NRM.

Mobilization strategies

Further more, there was utilization of sports as a mobilization channel which overwhelmingly attracted youth to support NRM.

This included lots of tournaments “inter-village within parishes, inter-parishes within sub-counties and inter-sub-counties within constituencies. This was demonstrated highly in Rujumbura interestingly all people participated regardless of their political affiliations.

Reconciliation mechanism

Political analysts say; NRM executed a reconciliation mechanism prior to the election period as better preparation strategy. “Rukungiri NRM leadership led by Gen. Jim Muhwezi, emphasized reconciliation” alongside district elders; canon Matsiko, Mzee Kakwerere and others.

Robust campaign teams and organisation led by canon Susan Muhwezi who commanded a youthful and tactical campaign force with the highest number of votes, hence NRM”s outstanding performance.

Mess in Opposition

The absence of Kiiza Besigye in 2021 elections was a blessing in disguise favoring NRM cadres to win back former NRM supporters hence the heroic ushering in of M7 in the district.

Despite, Rukungiri formerly being anti-NRM government. Additionally disunity and unstable factions intensified within the opposition hence NRM leading the 2021 elections in the district.


The NRM victory was a concerted effort of NRM supporters, good mobilization strategy, counter propaganda, voluntary support from committed individuals and mass sensitization of NRM principles led by district leadership.
Drums are now glaring on what will transpire come 2026-2031

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