Why Councilors petition MP Rukaari on Land grabbing saga

Why Councilors petition MP Rukaari on Land grabbing saga

Amos Tayebwa
At the begining of this year, a section of Councilors from Mbarara City North Division Council mobilized and petitioned area member of Parliament, Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari tasking him to take action against land grabbers away from water booster Land.
On Tuesday this week, Councilors from Mbarara City North Division converged at MP Rukaari’s home in Nkokonjeru where they reported and petitioned him over various Land grabbing cases that are occurring within the Division. These accused their top leaders including the Division Mayor Gumisiriza Kyabwisho and the town Clerk for conniving with the area Land Committee Chairperson to sell out the land where there is a water booster at Kibwera cell -Nyakinengo ward.
MP Rukaari addressing Councilors at his Home recently
It is alleged that the chairperson of the lands committee Mbarara City North Division forged the signatures and land application forms about this land in question. Councilors report that they have raised complaints to the division Mayor and the town clerk but no action was taken over this matter. On 20th December last year, in a council meeting, councilors made a resolution interdicting the area Lands committee Chairperson but the Mayor who appointed him was hesitant and not ready to implement the decision taken by the councilors.
It is alleged that the water booster land was sold to a certain City Tycoon who wants the water booster out of his land. This land was formerly given by the council to National water to elevate a community water booster before it has been tampered with. It is said that the selling of this land was initiated by one of the Executive member in Mbarara City North Division council who connived with the Lands committee chairman.
In a petition that was handed over to MP Rukaari, Councilors tasked him to follow up the matter to ensure that action is taken and the land at kibwera Water booster is recovered. More other government lands were mentioned in the petition which are also at risk of being grabbed by some individuals.
One of the Councilors, Kabisigarira said that there is a lot of political protection in Mbarara City North Division mainly done by the Division Mayor. He said that the Council called for an interdiction of the area Land committee chairperson but the Mayor is not willing to take the decision. Kabisigarira says that the mayor is playing political protection to the area Land committee Bosses.
“We have done our part as Councilors in fighting against land grabbers within our division but to some extent we have failed on some level. Now on this issue of water booster land, we want you as the area member of Parliament to intervene and help us protect this land including other public lands on spot to be grabbed by individuals. We have learnt that there is negative, influence and peddling originating from this division that requires a lot of attention from the authorities. Therefore I move that through You the MP, use your office and have this matter handled before our lands are finished” said Kabisigarira
In response, Rukaari pledged that he is going to write to the relevant authorities including the statehouse ant- corruption unit, the speaker of Parliament, and other relevant offices from Mbarara City to ensure some of these lands which are being taken by individuals can be recovered. He said that once he is still in the office of the member of Parliament, he must ensure that no any public land is again taken by a grabber.
“My role is to ensure that public assets are protected. And me I work on the mandate of the people. We are voted to serve our voters, if we disagree on what one is supposed to do then we can’t match on the same page. We are voted in to work for the people, whoever disagrees with me in that line we shall fight for the betterment of our people to be served” said MP Rukaari.

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