We Are Ready For FAST5, Mugerwa Confident

We Are Ready For FAST5, Mugerwa Confident

By Our Reporter

The Uganda national netball team She Cranes head coach Fred Tabale Mugerwa is more than ready and confident that his squad will come back with the best results from this year’s Fast5 Netball World Series.

She Cranes praying ahead of there last test serie against Welsh feathers

The agile and energetic format of the games makes a return to the global stage as Christchurch, New Zealand prepares to welcome the world from November 5th to 7th and will host the fast-paced tournament for the next three years.

Fast5 is different from traditional netball, with the shorter version of the sport having two fewer players, wing attack, and wing defence, it also has multiple point shots, double point power plays and shortened quarters. There is a power play, where teams can score double points in an allocated time. That means six points can be scored if the shot is from a certain range.

She Cranes Head Coach Fred Tabaale Mugerwa

There are rolling subs and the match consists of four quarters of six minutes each.

The Kampala Capital City Authority head coach will lead the Uganda Fast5 netball team to the 10th edition of the competition for the first time in the history of netball, It will be the first time for the players on the team to feature at the Fast5 netball world series.

“Am so happy and overwhelmed by the Uganda netball federation for having faith in me to lead the team to its very first time at the Fast5 netball World Series, I feel really honored.” said Mugerwa.

Every appointment comes with pressure, especially if you are a high achiever so this is definitely a big responsibility for me. I know it’s not going to come easy, it’s going to take a lot of work and that is pressure on its own, we know the pressure of doing well,” he added.

Mugerwa understands the huge task ahead of him and his charges. Being the first time in this competition I have faith and trust in the squad and my goal is Uganda to be among the best top three in New Zealand.

“The president of Uganda netball federation Hon Sarah Babirye Kityo has made it clear to me and players that we shouldn’t go there just to participate but we should bring back the medal and I know she means it. She encouraged me to select the best players and she gave me the opportunity to get the cream of the crop.

She asked me what players we want, and which players we are looking for and she went all out to make sure we get the calibre of the players we were looking for. So we definitely need to come back with the medal and she is not going to take anything less than a semifinal spot,” he says.

Mugerwa is so grateful for the support the team receives from Uganda netball federation president, executive and government of Uganda.

“It’s a blessing to have a president of such calibre. She’s been a player herself and now being the president, she knows exactly how we feel as coaches. Her presence is enough and it’s enough to support us to know that she has got our backs, she puts our needs as coaches first,” he says.

With Fast5 being faster than traditional netball, it requires players who can keep up with the pace of the game. Mugerwa was able to identify players who would be up for the challenge, all players it’s going to be their first time to don the black, yellow and red for the She Cranes in this new format.


Peace Proscovia, Mary Nuba Cholhok, Margret Baagala, Falida Kadondi, Norah Lukuuse, Irene Eyaru, Jaon Nampungu, Shadiah Nassanga, Sandra Nambirige and Muhameed Haniisha


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