UPF starts another doctrine process, 100 years later

UPF starts another doctrine process, 100 years later

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi

ARUA. After over 100 years of existence, the Uganda Police Force (UPF) has started the process of developing another doctrine to guide their operations.

The process which involves consultation of different stakeholders across the country is being undertaken by the UPF Doctrine development committee team.


The team headed by SCP Hadijah Namutebi, the Acting Chief Political Commissar, was in the West Nile region early this week after traversing five other regions in the country.

Speaking to journalists at Heritage Courts Hotel in Arua city, Namutebi said the doctrine is going to guide police in developing the force’s principles which will underpin the way they do their policing.

“UPF has been in existence for over 100 years and we have been having standard operations procedures and other rules and regulations that guide policing, but we have noticed that we need a central document that guides our policing. So, as a result, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) formed a technical committee to develop a doctrine which will spell out the way we deliver policing services to the members of the public,” Namutebi said.

“We are now in the phase of doing consultations, getting views, opinions and experiences from different stakeholders and here in Arua, we are meeting police officers first because we believe, through policing, they have a lot of experiences and they have a lot of views they collect on day-to-day routine as they deliver policing services which views will add to enrich this doctrine,” Namutebi explained.

She added that they also intend to have consultations with other stakeholders including the retired civil servants, local government leaders, cultural leaders, elders and the business community among others.

“So, because policing services are delivered to members of the public, we believe that they have a lot of information on how they would wish to be policed. And we also believe that the views we collect from them will enrich the police doctrine,” Namutebi stated.

Josephine Angucia, the North Western Police Spokesperson, remained very optimistic that once the doctrine is developed, it will help police in reducing the rate of crime across the country.

“This exercise of developing a new doctrine for UPF can help in fighting crime not only in the West Nile region but in the whole country. As my senior (Namutebi) has just said, things have changed and the crime trends have changed. Formerly, some crimes were not there. When the initial police doctrines were formed, some crimes were not there but now we have some new crimes like Cyber-crimes. So, police have to equally come up with new ideas and new strategies to handle the current trends of crime,” Angucia said.

Eddie Sserunjogi, the South West Nile Regional Police Commander (RPC) reported that his region is generally calm despite a few challenges that they face because of the neighborhood where they have few cases of insecurity especially along the border with DR Congo and South Sudan.

He said the police officers invited for the meeting across the region are ready to ensure that in future they have a better police force guided by the doctrine yet to be developed.

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