Unity is good for Opposition parties

Unity is good for Opposition parties

By Kwizera Joseph Jojo


The dialogue currently going on between opposition political parties is a good sign. Recent media reports that NUP, FDC Katonga, ANT and the DP splinter group have agreed on a coordinated political effort ahead of 2026 general elections is very good news indeed and one that is long overdue.

If this could lead to an agreement on fielding a single opposition candidate to face off with President Yoweri Museveni in the 2026 General Elections, then Uganda”s opposition politics will have opened a new chapter and attained a new level of maturity as well.

As a Ugandan political activist who yearns for change in Uganda, I now take it upon myself to advise opposition political parties and politicians on the challenges they face in making their proposed alliance work well.

While some opposition parties may command popular grassroot and mass support in specific regions in Uganda, it is important to understand that Uganda is a country not a region. It is therefore important to make an effort at mobilizing mass national support beyond the regions parties might consider to be their stronghold.

Greed for money and accepting bribes to compromise own political principles is all too common among Ugandan politicians. Indeed, many politicians in Uganda are said to have a bribe price tag on them which is estimated to be very low. Its time however for real political leaders to stand up to be counted as dependable in the quest to offer Ugandans a clean and accountable leadership.

Good MoU
The memorandum of understanding on power sharing between opposition political parties should be clear and made public. No secret deals.

The MoU should spell out clearly the roles, responsibilities and powers of all the parties and personalities involved in its making. The wording should leave no room for double meaning, misinterpretation and power struggles.
For instance, who will be the President of the Republic of Uganda and for how long, in the event that Mr Museveni is defeated in the elections.

Ambiguity in such an MoU is a sure recipe for instability in Uganda.
Indeed, a statement by French Statesman Charles De Gaulle who once said- politics is too serious a matter to be left to politicians alone, rings so true for Uganda today.

We beseech opposition political parties not to disappoint Ugandans by failing to sustain their new found alliance which is the best hope for a smooth political leadership transition in Uganda.

The Writer is NUP Political Activists & Concerned Citizen

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