Uganda risking World Netball Ban

Uganda risking World Netball Ban

By Emmanuel Sekago

Uganda is on the verge of being suspended or banned by the World netball body (WN) membership over interference in the countries Netball Federation.

World netball is set to suspend or ban Uganda for some officials in government interference in the activities of the Netball federation and that means the federation will be suspended from all netball activities with immediate effect. We all know if suspended or banned and to be re-admitted or for the suspension to be lifted is by restraining back the democratically elected Uganda netball federation Sarah Babirye Kityo on her seat.

First Lady and Minister of Education and sports letter

According to the letter seen by wallnetnews dated October 4th 2023, the First Lady Janet Museveni who doubles as the Hon. Minister of Sports and Education, issued new directives to the National Council of Sports in regards to the Uganda Netball Federation leadership.
“I received the harmonised report of the office of the auditor general and inspectorate of government of Uganda regarding leadership and accountability issues affecting Uganda netball federation,” reads…
To immediately Withdrawal of Certificate of Recognition from the Uganda netball  Federation should they fail to meet the requirements of NCS.
To direct no more funding to be extended to Uganda netball federation, Until the issues of leadership and governance are resolved.

continuation of the First Lady letter

This year, the First Lady chaired two meetings, with President of Netball and other officials, Hon Minister of State of Sports, Hon Attorney General, the Inspectorate of Government, Officials from the Ministry of Education and Sports and National Council of Sports respectively, to discuss the issues related to poor governance and accountability within the Uganda Netball Federation.

In the meeting held on Friday, April 21 2023, it was resolved that the President of Uganda Netball Federation Hon Sarah Babirye Kityo takes leave of absence from Office until the investigations by the Office of the Auditor General, and the Criminal Investigations Department of the Uganda Police Force (UPF) are concluded in three month, which elapsed and to date, the reports are yet out.

One mighty wonder why National council of sports is on logger head with Uganda netball federation, We all know that sports has always been allocated money, and some people called untouchables had made it a habit to swindle it and then put the blame on sports federations and association presidents wanting to see athletes cry so that they claim they catered for.

Most people who have been benefiting in this kind of vise had made some sports federations and associations their personal projects in diverting sports funds but IGG investigations  unearthed a lot of dirt at the National Council of Sports (NCS).

You recall, Under the inquiry file HTQ-CO-585-2022, the Inspectorate of Government investigated the alleged under-declaration of wealth and non- remittance of federation funds by  NCS.  On Friday, April 14th 2023, in the Inspectorate of Government recommendations directed General secretary  to refund Shs100,276,011 (comprises of Shs29,719,800 paid to him for the Namibia tournament which was spent nor accounted for, and Shs70,556,211 which constituted the difference on the inflated 27 air tickets procured for the same trip).

It also ordered former UNF vice president technical Richard Muhumuza and former treasurer Aidah Nambuusi to account for the Shs30,000,000 that was meant for the male national team; the Rock that represented Uganda in the male international tournament held in South Africa in September 2021, which was not accounted for to  the Inspectorate of Government asset recovery Account number 003030088000007 held in Bank of Uganda in seven days.

Meanwhile, during the absences of the UNF President, This year, Uganda competed  in the World netball cup 2023 held in Cape Town, South africa finishing 5th position overall, and later this year will be participating in the Diamond Challenge and also in the Africa netball competition due in Gaborone, Botswana but up to now the acting UNF President and Chief executive officer are yet to declare the accountability and according to sources the  UNF executive has several times called for the accountability but have been getting no response.

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