Uganda Netball fiasco!!! more loopholes unfolding

Minister state for sports Peter Ogwang handing over National flag to girls at Lugogo

The National Council of Sports (NCS) officially revoked the Certificate of Recognition of Uganda netball federation (UNF) in a press statement released on October 25th, 2023.NCS cited persistent governance and leadership challenges within the UNF, as well as their failure to comply with Ugandan laws and their own statutes as the primary reasons for this revocation that implied that Netball was no longer  recognised, not even representing  the Government of Uganda at any event globally.

This development arises against the backdrop of a prolonged dispute between Sarah Babirye Kityo, the President of the UNF, and Dr. Patrick Ogwel, the NCS General Secretary after Kityo Sarah exposed corruption in the National council of sports.

State Minister adressing players on Friday

NCS stressed that the UNF has the opportunity to regain recognition once these issues have been appropriately addressed.

Shockingly, before even the governance issues are settled and UNF to regain its recognition back, the same people at the National council of sports if it wasn’t greed, then why send a team  out  to represent Uganda at the Vitality netball nations cup due in Wembley in the sport you no longer recognise, something isn’t adding up.

The Players and officials list

On Friday, January 5th 2023, the minister state for sports and Ngariam county member of parliament Peter Ogwang flanked by NCS General secretary Patrick Ogwel, NCS board chairman Ambrose Tashobya and Cecilia Anyakoit a board member who were all behind in pushing  Babirye Kityo from UNF seat for exposing the corruption at NCS, the minister was seen handing  over the national flag to the netball team yet he knows well that the sport is not recognised in Uganda and cant be  represented  at any event globally.

Uganda was invited along with top-ranked teams Australia and New Zealand for the competition taking place January 20th-28th at Wembley Arena, London, and First Direct Arena, Leeds. And before they will have three test series with Wales due on January 10th -12th 2023 at House of Sport Cardiff.

During the flag handover, the Minister of State for Sports in Uganda, Peter Ogwang, also encouraged the team to work hard and showcase their talents that could attract international scouts.

“This is a chance for the players to play well and be scouted to join the paid ranks,” he said.
What people need to understand NCS alleged that the Uganda netball Federation had violated several laws,  mistreatment of players during the 2021 Pent Series, serious allegations of player harassment, and misappropriation of government funds, among other issues. However all these allegations came after Babirye Kityo exposed the corruption at NCS forcing her to account for funds that UNF did not receive, yet were spent by NCS.

Surprisingly, the NCS who alleged the above mentioned violated laws, again its worse, really worse.
Looking at the officials on the team to England, this alone has proved to the country and stakeholders that Netball was a project of some people in the National council of sports to make money and what UNF President Sarah Babirye said while exposing the rot at NCS has come to be reality.

To break down the list of officials a one Cecelia Anyakoit is NCS board Member, Normalisation Committee and surprising a person who has never managed any sports traveled as Team manager, dropping Elizabeth Kitimbo who has been in that capacity, Leticia Namutebi is a member on Normalisation committee but they created for her a position that never exist in Netball traveling  as Administrator, leaving the stakeholders wondering what is she going to administer in England other than touring cities, Peace Proscovia also member on Normalising committee, active player appointed Assistant coach but shockingly the One Kato Nouridine who was with the team from the start was dropped with no clear explanation.

Looking at the final list, it clearly shows you that whoever is on it, is fully facilitated by the government of Uganda, but a lot of questions are being raised and really need answers, starting with the team Liaison, Sawyer Miriam is based in England, Peace Proscovia is based in England.

Stakeholders want to know the funds accorded to the team drawn from which National council of sports Vote,  the sport that is not recognised at all and Uganda can’t be represented at events globally if it’s not illegal.

NCS alleged that the Federation of   player harassment, the same National council of sports, a board member also normalisation committee who traveled as Team manager, none of them the women officials on team ever spent a night at the teams residential camp at Noble View Hotel in Ntinda.

But they were all over in the media alleging players harassment that President Sarah Babirye failed to address…. yet that time by then the team manager and assistant coach all who happened to be women were in camp, But this time none of the traveled women officials stayed with the girls in the residential camp.

So, it has proved to the stakeholders that it was greed from NCS officials that their aim wasn’t about governance issues but how to fight and push Hon Sarah Babirye Kityo from the seat so as they continue to eat money in the sport of Netball.

World Netball constituted a Normalization Committee to work towards resolving  UNF’s governance issues, but legal minds say it was illegal. What is the committee going to normalise a sport that does not exist in the country.

Globally, international sports bodies constitute normalisation committees when that sporting discipline is recognised in that country not after revoking its Certificate of recognition. Meanwhile, all that has been done, is illegal and double standard.