Teachers, Pupils warned against final exams malpractice

Teachers, Pupils warned against final exams malpractice

Amos Tayebwa
As  P7 Candidates are set for the Primary leaving Exams slated for this Tuesday, heads of schools, teachers and students have been asked to desist from cheating the final exams.
This call was made a few days ago during the release of Mbarara City North Division  Pre-PLE Exams that was held at Division Headquarters, where heads of schools from different schools in Mbarara City North converged to receive their results of the previous pre-PLE Exams that were sponsored by Hon. Benon Kajubi Maisho. This was witnessed by the Division leaders including the Division Mayor Gumisiriza Kyabwisho. Among these schools that participated in this examination were both Government and private Schools totalling to 43 schools all from Mbarara City North Division, about 2376 sat for this exam.
Nathan Mugume, the Mbarara Junior Primary School Headteacher urged his colleagues and pupils to totally desist from exams malpractice.  He tasked other schools to always participate in such Pre-PLE Exams or community exams for the benefit of their Children.
” Some of our colleagues try to avoid these community exams so that they are not judged when they do well in the final PLE Exams. They fear that they will fail in such community exams when they already have intentions to cheat in the final exams (PLE).  I want to retaliate that we try to by all means to desist cheating and desist from fake papers. Our purpose we need to live a useful purpose and a purpose in life so that we give the public the results that are well deserving and which respect the performance of our Children ” said Mugume, Mbarara Junior Headteacher.
Benon Kajubi, the Former Aspirant Mbarara City North Division MP seat said that he started the program of sponsoring pre-PLE Exams to all schools in Mbarara City with the intension of promoting education in the Division and the entire Mbarara City.
He said that poor quality of education in some areas of Mbarara City and the entire Uganda has resulted into poverty which must be fought with a strong hand.
During the release of the results, he awarded the best performing pupils who scored 4 aggregates in this exam. Each of them was given a pair of bedsheets that will help them when joining Senior one. About 34 pupils got 4 aggregates.
Kajubi however appealed to the heads of schools, teachers and candidates to distance themselves from the vice of malpractices during their sitting of the PLE exam which is slated for this Tuesday. He said that cheating of exam may end up affecting the school, the children and the parent.

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