State House Health Monitoring Unit Clears Mubende Hospital of Kidney Extraction Allegations

State House Health Monitoring Unit Clears Mubende Hospital of Kidney Extraction Allegations

By Our Reporter

The State House Health Monitoring Unit has cleared Mubende Hospital of kidney extraction allegations.

According to Dr. Warren Namara the Director of the unit; SHMU. This follows investigations into allegations that the hospital had illegally extracted the right kidney of Peragiya Muragijemana, 20, a resident of Lwemiggo village in Mubende district.

Muragijemana had gone for an operation to remove her uterus due to persistent bleeding. The Unit found out that Muragijemana was born without the right kidney; a condition referred to as renal agenesis in the medical lingua.

Dr Namara further said that examinations found only one scar of the lower abdominal incision, which was done to remove the patient’s uterus.

Ms Murgijemana Peragiya (lying down) with her mother at Mubende Hospital. Courtesy photo

HMU Findings read in part:

HMU received media reports in the Daily Monitor published on 26th May 2022 titled “Mubende Hospital on the spot over missing kidney” which alleged that a 20 year old postnatal mother Ms Muragijemana Peragiya, a resident of Lwemiggo village, Kabyuuma Parish, Kalonga Sub-county in Mubende district, went to Mubende Regional Referral Hospital for treatment, it is alleged she lost her kidney during surgery.

She reported to the hospital with severe bleeding due to retained placenta having delivered from a traditional birth attendant (TBA). The family and the patient consented to an operation to remove the uterus to stop the bleeding.

A team led by Dr. Stephen Ataro Ayella, a clinical epidemiologist and an Assistant Director at HMU, was sent to investigate the matter.

HMU established that Police had started investigations but were hampered by lack of technical expertise that HMU rendered.

The Surgery:

The patient was admitted on 24th April 2022 at 23:40 hours after delivery with the help of a TBA and was bleeding profusely from some nearby health facility. It was established that and IV cannula was put in by a nearby HCII (Kibyamirizi).

On inquiries with the HCII they denied having seen the patient and indeed there were no records of her in their books, perhaps the cannula was put in from a private clinic that they refused to disclose.

At 23:25 after a thorough assessment, a subtotal hysterotomy was done. The patient was discharged on 29th April 2022 (4 days after the surgery) and was advised to return for review on 11th May 2022.

However, in a recent development, Peragiya Muragijemana’s family has come out to refute the findings by the State House Health Monitoring Unit.

Mr Sebastian Rwimo, the father of Ms Peragiya Muragijemana, the missing kidney victim, said the family is not satisfied with the State House medical report clearing Mubende hospital medics of any wrongdoing.

Mr Rwimo protested the findings from the second medical examination conducted at Mulago and revealed that when the family reached the hospital for the scan on May 30, the doctor, who attended to his daughter at Mubende hospital, was the same person they found in the room where the tests were conducted.  He said he suspects the people he is accusing of extracting his daughter’s kidney ‘paid for the tests’.

“We have been asking for the results since Saturday, but we were told to put our request in writing and it is very heartbreaking that the SHHMT is now releasing the report about the investigations, including the results without providing us any copy,” Mr Rwimo told Daily Monitor.

However, officials from SHHMT Wednesday dismissed Ms Muragijemana’s accusations against Mubende medics and reiterated that the abdominal CT scan done by radiologist Sharif Kikomeko of Mulago hospital revealed that there was “no kidney tissue on the right renal bed and an enlarged left kidney.

“Also, she [Muragijemana] was examined thoroughly to rule out any cut or incision on the abdomen other than the surgical incision scar on the lower abdomen. The examination found no other scar other than the lower abdomen surgical cut commonly known as bikini (pfannenstiel) incision” Dr Warren Namaara, the SHHMT boss, told journalists in Kampala yesterday.

“The current hype about organ harvest and trade is much more of a sensation than a reality. Hitech facilities and theatres, in addition to highly-skilled professionals, are needed for any organ transplant,” he said.

Dr Namaara told journalists that his team had also met Ms Muragijemana and some members of her family and discussed the report from Mulago, a claim the family dismissed as lies.

“We are planning to carry out another abdominal CT scan from a private hospital because we cannot trust results from Mulago since they declined to give us a copy and chose to release them at a press conference in Kampala,” Mr Rwimo said.

It is also not clear how SHHMT came to join the Mubende missing kidney case when police was still investigating the same matter.

Ms Muragijemana, 20, a resident of Lwemiggo Village, Kabyuuma Parish, Kalonga Sub-county in Mubende District, claims her right kidney was removed when she sought an operation at Mubende hospital on April 24.


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