Okanya Patrick appointed to oversee UPSSA Polls; Electoral roadmap unveiled

Okanya Patrick appointed to oversee UPSSA Polls; Electoral roadmap unveiled

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a decisive move to uphold democratic principles within the Uganda Primary Schools Sports Association (UPSSA), Mr. Okanya Patrick has been appointed to oversee the upcoming elections, as announced by the Education Officer/Physical Education Incharge of primary sports Gilbert Orikiriza at the assembly assisted by Betty Namulalo and Brian Ssenyonga.

Ssenyonga Brian Charles assistant UPSSA Returning officer

The appointment of Mr. Patrick Okanya, known for his commitment to transparency and fairness, reflects UPSSA’s dedication to conducting free and fair elections that will shape the future leadership of the association.

The executive committee, in collaboration with key stakeholders, has released the electoral roadmap 2024 outlining the various stages and processes leading up to election day.

The roadmap aims to provide clarity and ensure a smooth transition in UPSSA’s leadership.

Betty Namulalo assistant UPSSA Returning Officer

The key milestones include;
Announcement of Election Date: The electoral roadmap sets a clear date for the UPSSA District elections on Saturday March 9th, 2024, ZONAL Elections on March 16th , 2024 and National elections on March 23rd, 2024 allowing stakeholders ample time for preparation and campaigning.

This announcement marks the official commencement of the electoral process.

Nomination Period: Prospective candidates at District level for various positions within UPSSA will have a to submit their nominations between February 29th – March 6th, 2024, Zonal level between March 9th -11th, 2024 and National level between March 16th – 17th, 2024.

This phase encourages qualified individuals to step forward and contribute to the association’s growth.

Vetting Process: To ensure the eligibility and suitability of candidates, a thorough vetting process will be conducted. This step aims to maintain the highest standards of leadership within UPSSA.

Campaign Period: Candidates have been granted a designated period to engage with the UPSSA community, presenting their visions and plans for the association. This phase fosters open communication and allows members to make informed decisions.

Debates and Forums: To facilitate informed decision-making, debates and forums will be organized, providing candidates with a platform to discuss their ideas and address concerns raised by the UPSSA community.

Election Day: The culmination of the electoral process, election day will see members cast their votes for their preferred candidates. Stringent measures will be in place to ensure a transparent and credible voting process.

Results Declaration: The final step in the electoral roadmap involves the announcement of the election results. This moment will mark the beginning of the tenure for the newly elected UPSSA leadership.

Talking to wallnetnews, Mr. Okanya Patrick, appointed to oversee the elections, expressed his commitment to upholding the principles of fairness and impartiality throughout the process.

He emphasized the importance of a smooth transition to ensure the continued success and growth of UPSSA.

The release of the UPSSA electoral roadmap signifies a significant step towards fostering democratic governance within UPSSA and reflects the association’s dedication to promoting transparent and accountable leadership in the realm of primary school sports in Uganda.

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