NETIS Uganda to offer reliable solar energy solution to West Nile

NETIS Uganda to offer reliable solar energy solution to West Nile

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi

ARUA. NETIS Uganda, a renowned telecom and energy infrastructure service provider is planning to extend its services to West Nile with the aim of providing a green energy solution through solarization to the erratic electricity challenges in the region.

Kabera offers a gift to Dr. Geoffrey Andogah of Muni University shortly after a discussion about NETIS intended programs in West Nile. Photo by Andrew Cohen Amvesi

This is after the company carried out research and realized that there is a dire need for people in the region to start embracing solarization as a reliable alternative source of power for institutions, businesses and government facilities among others.

Speaking to this website in an exclusive interview on Friday after a week-long business trip in the region, Imelda Kabera, the Head of Sales and Marketing at NETIS Uganda said from the research they have conducted over a period of years, they have noticed that West Nile region is one of the areas that has the least reliable source of power.

Kabera shares a light moment with one of the hotel managers in Arua City during her business trip in West Nile. Photo by Andrew Cohen Amvesi Amvesi Amvesi Amvesi.

“So, most businesses are suffering when it comes to reliable power. Power is always on and off, sometimes it is not enough to run businesses because of the fact that it is a bit off grid. Grid isn’t really reliable in this region, so as NETIS, we have come and we want to set up a base here. It is a work in progress where we will have a place in Arua set up to support Arua city and the West Nile region for businesses, companies and institutions, NGOs or any other business that wants to go into reliable power, especially solar” Kabera said.

“For this option, we do have both solar power and generator power. So, this goes hand in hand because for some reason when one is off, the other one comes on board. But the one we are focusing more on at this point is solar energy because the West Nile region is blessed with a lot of sunshine that we want to tap on. Instead of wasting all the sunshine, why don’t we tap it and generate power out of it through solar,” Kabera added.

Ben Andaman the Arua hospital Administrator takes Kabera on a guided tour of the hospital facilities that require stable power. Photo by Andrew Cohen Amvesi

Kabera said one of the core values that NETIS has embraced in recent years is sustainability or going green.

She noted that NETIS is aiming at offering a green solution that will protect the environment and the mother earth because there is a challenge of global warming which is as a result of damaging the environment through other power solutions that emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere.

“So, solar is one of the cleanest energies that we can ever have because there are no emissions, it is from the sun, so there are not many emissions that come from solar. One of the reasons why we have come is to ensure we bring green, reliable and renewable solar energy to West Nile,” Kabera explained.

She said as a group, the investment that has been put at NETIS right now is to allow organizations or businesses to adapt to green energy or reliable solar energy.

“Remember our solar has a warrant of up to 25 years, these are equipment that last for a very long period of time. This is the arrangement we have especially for big businesses and institutions because we know the investment is always very big. So, we are really offering it to those who will be interested in getting such a business arrangement with us,” Kabera said.

During her visit, the proprietors and administrators of the different businesses and institutions in West Nile welcomed Kabera and promised to work closely with NETIS to ensure that their premises are solarized in order to save what they have been spending on fuel and electricity bills.

NETIS is an intercontinental company operating in 15 countries in Africa. In Uganda, NETIS has been in business since 2011.

For the last 13 years in business in Uganda, NETIS has done a lot in telecom engineering, telecom tower construction and maintenance mainly in the central and eastern parts of the country.

But over the last few years, NETIS Uganda introduced a new business arm which is the energy business line where the company is offering commercial energy solutions to businesses, institutions, NGOs and companies that want to improve their energy supply due to the unreliable power supply in their respective areas.

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