MP Rwebyambu asks Leaders to stop politicizing developmental Projects

MP Rwebyambu asks Leaders to stop politicizing developmental Projects

Amos Tayebwa


The Mbarara District Woman Member of Parliament, Margret Rwebyambu has called for collaboration amongst Leaders within the district to avoid politics of sabotaging developmental projects that can benefit communities.

According to MP Rwebyambu, most of fellow politicians/leaders within the district have tried to politicize some of the developmental projects whether government ones or private ones which is caused by conflict of interest politically in some of those projects.

She therefore advised fellow politicians to look at developmental projects as a binding issue that does not require any politics when it comes at giving services to the communities.

MP Margret Rwebyambu during road monitoriy
MP Margret Rwebyambu during road monitoriy

MP Rwebyambu made this call on Wednesday this week during the monitoring of some government projects that include roads and schools in Mbarara District. During the monitoring activity,  Rwebyambu was in company with the representative of the President the RDC Emmy Turyabagyenyi Kateera and the leadership of Mbarara District Local Government led by the CAO and the District LC5 Chairman.  The visit was made at Rwanyamahembe Seed School that is under construction which has reached at 64%.

Another visit was made on Mabira –Kitokye-Rwenshanku road. This is a 13.3km road that joins Bwizibwera Town and Bubare Sub-county. During the monitoring, this road was found in a sorry state that requires urgent rehabilitation. This prompted MP Rwebyambu to task the CAO and the District Engineer to immediately start working on this road to enable locals start using this road to transport their goods like bananas to easily access the markets.

However, according to William Bananuka, the Senior District Engineer, this road was given first priority at cost of Ug shs 104m that is going to work on this road for grading and murram and elevation of culverts 6 lines. He added that in three days after monitoring time, the actual work shall commence on that road. He said that they had started working on that road previously but they stopped because of the recent heavy rains that could not allow them to continue activities on that road.

Locals were asked to be cooperative with the district leaders and the Engineers in the course of working on any government projects such as roads and schools. This call was made by the area member of parliament Rwebyambu who said that communities are the ones that benefit from such government projects therefore there should be total collaboration between them and leaders. She added that there should be avoidance of any sort of sabotage on any developmental project provided it is meant to benefit the community.

“The most dangerous thing that is failing us and the government is sabotage from politics and other elements that do not want development. You may try to stop or sabotage a certain project like this school but better know it will affect you in future time either to your grandchildren or to your relatives. For example, it was hard to get seed secondary schools in a district, we have more than 500 MPs, do you think every Member of Parliament managed to lobby for a Seed Secondary School like the one we have brought in Rwanyamahembe?  Of course not, but you wonder, some people because of politics were fighting us not to bring this project. It is reflected that when Rwanyamahembe Seed Secondary School was beginning there was a lot of conflict and by digging deeper into the matter it was found out that there was a lot of politics involved . But I must tell you its bad manners” said MP Rwebyambu.

“I want to emphasize that anything that is developmental in an area, anything that benefits the community. I beg you let’s put politics aside and do things that benefit our electorates. Let’s not fight for credits, as the District use government money for absorption capacity. Let’s all look at the developmental project as a binding issue, if it is a school it does not mean people should take it up that this is me who brought the school, if it is a government project lets all take the responsibility and at the end of it all the credit will go to all of us” she added.

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