MK Mobilizers want Gen. Otafiire sacked or apologise to Gen. Muhoozi

MK Mobilizers want Gen. Otafiire sacked or apologise to Gen. Muhoozi

Amos Tayebwa


Following utterances made by the Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Kahinda Otafiire that were alleged to be so disrespectful against the First Son Gen. Muhoozi Kainarugaba, MK movement mobilizers from Western Uganda are bitter and demand for apologies from him or be sacked as a minister. These utterances originate from Pr. Aloysius Bugingo assassination incident.

Polly Katwire Karamuzi, the Senior Mobilizer in MK movement in charge of western Uganda said that MK movement Mobilizers were not happy with Gen. Otafiire’s statements which he recently made against Gen. Muhoozi’s witter comment about Pr. Bugingo’s attack. Katwire added that Otafiire must apologize for attacking Gen. Muhoozi.

It started by General Muhoozi wrote on his Twitter account thanking the Lord for saving the life of his supporter Pr. Bugingo from enemies who wanted to finish his life.

“We urge the Law enforcement agencies to quickly investigate and bring these criminals to justice. Who are these criminals? Is it ADF or some other shadowy groups? We need answers to these questions. This is the second attack on our supporters in the last 8 months an no offenders has been brought to book yet. The case of the cold blood murder is Isma Olaxess is still unresolved. Once again we thank God that Pastor Bugingo survived this heinous attack” Gen. Muhoozi’s comment.

In a certain exclusive interview with Otafiire which circulated on social media, he blasted Gen. Muhoozi that he was offside on matters concerning Pr. Bugingo’s assassination.
“Gen. Muhoozi is not working in Ministry of internal affairs, these issues are within my docket. Whatever he talks about that it might be ADF that attacked Bugingo are his words, but for us we wait professional results that can stand in court.

These things are not for General Muhoozi, does he work in police? What he thinks in not what is on ground. Let professionals do this work. Whether Pastor Bugingo is his supporter or not for us we look at Bugingo as a Ugandan, whether he supports Kainerugaba or supports NRM or what, we don’t care for us we follow the case as it is, our role is to protect every Ugandan. Do you know how to be offside? Gen. Kainerugaba was offside” words from the Gen. Otafiire in a circulating audio.

These utterances created different mixed reactions from the MK movement Mobilizers who want apology from Gen. Otafiire to them, to the Gen. Kainerugaba and to president Museveni, Or be sacked from the ministry of Internal Affairs because this ministry is so powerful not fit him.

“Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is a Patriotic Senior Army Officer, he is the first Son of the President, he is a Presidential Advisor in charge of Special Operations, he can even assign some work in the ministry of internal affairs if the president wishes. What am saying is that Gen. Kainerugaba has a right to comment or to ask about the report of such shooting incidents. He can even instruct the police to investigate.

In his comment, Gen. Kainerugaba was clear, he said that late Isma Olaxess died 8 months ago but up to now no report has been given. He is demanding for a report why people are being killed and reports are not released and Gen. Otafiire is the minister in charge. Actually Minister Otafiire should resign, I request my president Yoweri Kaguta Museven to immediately sack him because he has failed to guide his ministry. How can such a senior army officer and a minister come up and say that Gen. Kainarugaba is offside on such important matters. May be Minister Otafiire is happy with what is taking place in Uganda these days. Why are these reports about the shootings not being released? This might be the failure of the ministry ministry of internal affairs. I think Otafiire should resign from this ministry or be given another ministry” said Katwire, the Senior mobilizer MK movement.

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