Locals Decry  Water Shortage, Councilor Pledges  Support  

Locals Decry Water Shortage, Councilor Pledges  Support  

By Amos Tayebwa

Mbarara – Locals from Kashari in Mbarara District are decrying over water shortage in the area, this is due the drought that has caused to loss of animals especially the cattle.
According to the communities, mothers, children move long distances in search of water for  domestic use. Most of the communities share water with animals. Farmers are stuck with their animals, they move distances in search of pastures and water. Some of them  have already lost  their animals.
Councilor Loyda Twinomujuni Muhimbura speaking to our reporter from her home
Farmers have tasked the government of Uganda and the leaders to pledge some support to create more sources of water like dams in the area.
According to victor Twinomugisha, the youth Councilor representing Rubaya Sub-county, urged government to support leaders who have put their efforts to support the communities to overcome the challenge of water shortage in Kashari. He said that there are some leaders like Loyda Twinomujuni who have put their money to support their electorates access clean water for their domestic use.  He added that she’s committed to dig dams in each Parish in the entire Rubaya Sub-county and some parts of the District.  That she’s rehabilitating different sources of water which has been a big challenge in Kashari.
Communities from some areas of Kashari have praised Loyda Twinomujuni Muhimbura who has been committed to supporting these them  by digging Dams, boreholes and shallow-wells. Twinomujuni is a District Lady Councilor who represent the people of Rubaya Sub-county Mbarara District.
Twinomujuni is one of the leaders who has put her money to help the communities and she has provided services beyond the area of her area  jurisdiction, she has extended services to entire District.
Kashari is one of the areas in western Uganda that normally dry off in dry season, it’s water table is too low. It is a cattle corridor with little water sources.  Apparently, farmers are suffering with their animals and gardens.”
One of the dams being worked on by Councilor Twinomujuni in Bunenero
“We ask the government to intervene and support us because we are totally suffering from the issue of water shortage, we don’t have sources of water for  domestic use and for our animals, we are worried about where to take our animals, some are dying but nothing we can do, we request the government to construct for us permanent Dams, boreholes and shallow-wells that will support our farming and our homes” said Brian Kakuru from Bunenero cell.
“As I have been moving around, I realized that some of dams in our areas were neglected and they were  in a sorry state, I then decided to bring machines to  rehabilitate these dams and I continue to make sure that these dams are restored. I have used my own money to dig some dams and boreholes in some areas. I call up on the government to come across and add some effort on us so that we work together to help our communities in a way of solving the challenge of shortage of water in our district,”  Twinomujuni said.
Twinomujuni added that there  are some places in  Kashari that have some high water table but there is need of reinforcing unity to work together. ” I believe that  there  has been some weaknesses in some of our leaders who should have tried to lobby from the central government and  dig dams in these areas. There has been gap between our local people and the leaders, that’s why some of the leaders have failed to understand the challenges which the locals are facing” she added.

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