How top boss at MOFPED betrayed Geraldine Ssali at the last hour

How top boss at MOFPED betrayed Geraldine Ssali at the last hour

At times the person you trust as your friend might turn out to be your foe and this is the reality with the top Blass at the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MOFPED) who will always be remembered in the books of records at Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives after it has emerged that he turned to be foe when he openly denied and betrayed fellow PS Geraldine Ssali over money that was allocated to renovate the offices of Trade Ministry located at Farmers House.

According to documents seen by this website, this top boss the PS/ST Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives stamped and approved the requested supplementary budget to the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development (MoFPED) in the first quarter of FY 2021/2022.

This request had critical unfunded priorities including revamping cooperatives, and improvement of the staff working conditions by securing accommodation at a cost of UGX 5 billions among others.

Whereas the issue of securing accommodation was such a critical and urgent issue, the funds were approved in the 1st quarter, in August 2021, however Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development (MoFPED) made the actual release of the funds (UGX 5 billions) at the end of the financial year in April 2022 as part of fourth quarter cash limits at the 4th quarter, no procurement process for accommodation premises could be undertaken in such a short time.

This implied that the Ministry was constrained by time to carry out all necessary activities required to facilitate the procurement and expenditure of the funds before the expiry of the financial year and also expected to absorb the said funds otherwise they would be returned to the Treasury as required by law under non-absorption of Funds.

It should be noted that Section 45 (2) of the Public Finance Management Act 2015 provides that in the exercise of the duties under this Act, an Accounting Officer shall, in respect to all resources and transactions of a vote, put in place effective systems of risk management, internal control, and internal audit.

In a society where corruption and insider dealings are all too common, the decision of Geraldine Ssali, stood out as a shining example of integrity and responsible stewardship.

She has since invested the approved budget to rehabilitating the Uganda Farmers’ House instead of succumbing to the allure of private premises. Today, the offices of Trade Ministry are a state of art facility. Staff members can testify to this.

In a shock turn of events, when Geraldine Ssali faced allegations of improper procurement procedures and diversion of the approved funds, she clearly defended herself before Parliament. She presented documents of how the money was approved and how it was spent.

However, this too boss shocked the nation when he came out clearly and denied ever knowing how the funds were procured and accounted for. This too Blass was omg the people that supported the committee of parliament to ask Geraldine Ssali to step aside as investigations go on.

However, our inside sources inform us that there is an invisible hand that has led to all this. We are yet to prove this in our next subsequent articles.

Geraldine recently commissioned the state-of-the-art facility that will safely house government documents and records for the Ministry. While handing over the renovated facility, Geraldine thanked all the key partners and the Government of Uganda, through the Ministry of Trade for funding the project to completion.

It should be recalled that Geraldine once stood her ground and defended her decision to renovate the available office space at Farmers’ House in Kampala instead of spending a staggering Shs 5bn on renting office space at Kingdom Kampala Building.

In drawing from the great skill and competencies expected of an Accounting Officer, Geraldine has since been praised for saving Government UGX 5,083,864,788/= in rent every year at the Kingdom Hall Plots 31A-35A & 37A-39A along Nile Avenue with 5,093 square meters and King Square Building, Plot 9, Portal Avenue, Kampala.

The Ministry will at least stay at its home since the building has always been the traditional home of the Cooperators in Uganda and will still achieve improved working conditions to its staff. It will also keep paying a small and affordable service charge of UGX 11,800,000/= per month to Uganda Property Holdings Limited (Under President’s Office).

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