How FUFA spent UGX40 billion received from FIFA

How FUFA spent UGX40 billion received from FIFA

By Emmanuel Sekago

FIFA’s funding in Ugandan football development over the years has made a significant impact on various aspects of the sport.

It should be noted that FIFA released its substantial investment of $10.9 million (Ush40 billion) in the development of football in Uganda over the period of 2016 to 2022.

Uganda womens Crested cranes team

With the third cycle of the FIFA Forward Development Programme now underway, Fifa has the perfect opportunity to reflect on the programme’s achievements since its launch in 2016.

From the very start, they pledged that revenues generated by football would be used for the benefit of our sport all around the world; for girls and boys, for women and men – and they Fifa have been as good as their word.

Moses-Magogo the Fufa President

Investment in football is both FIFA responsibility and their obligation to our 211 FIFA Member Associations, as well as a form of support for the six confederations and the various zonal/regional associations, and through FIFA Forward they have the structure to do that in a viable and transparent way.

The outcome has been a sevenfold increase in investment since 2016 – during a spell in which FIFA’s revenues have only doubled. This shows that funding is not only being delivered correctly, but it is being monitored and implemented to ensure the sustainable development of football for the long term.


Focusing on the member associations, under Forward 3.0, each member association now receives up to USD 8 million per four-year cycle to support their football development activities. It is not only about financial contributions, however, but rather about impactful ones.

According to Shaikh Salman Bin Ebrahim, the Chairman of the FIFA Development Committee the report sheds light on the achievements of the first two cycles of the Forward Programme, which in his view should be attributed to the collaboration between FIFA, its member associations and the confederations and zonal/regional associations, all in a spirit of partnership while focusing on the future and the common aim of maximising the impact of football development.

Launched in May 2016, the Forward Development Programme aimed to bolster soccer infrastructure, talent development, and administrative capabilities in countries around the world.

Uganda, too, reaped the rewards of this initiative, with two cycles of funding disbursed to Infrastructure which took the biggest lion share.

FIFA’s generous investment was allocated to various projects, including Administration and Governance, National Teams, competitions, Women’s Football,Capacity Development, Equipment and Others.

For Uganda as a nation, The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA), like all FIFA member associations, is all too aware of the importance of keeping association headquarters in excellent condition for staff and other stakeholders.

FUFA House, which serves as the administrative seat of Ugandan football, was built in 2003, but for over 13 years, no major renovation or expansion work was carried out on it.

In 2017, FUFA decided to renovate and expand the facility to make sure that it could keep up with the significant growth being experienced in football in Uganda.

To execute this critical project, FUFA applied to use FIFA Forward funds, and between 2017 and 2020, USD 1,236,779 was approved and disbursed for the renovation, upgrade and expansion work.

The funds were used on the electrification of the building’s extension, as well as on tiling, facility upgrades, plumbing, painting and roofing. The project was completed in early 2020.

Despite being entitled to a total of $10.9million, FUFA approved the allocation of $8.6million (Ushs 31.800,000,000), distributed across various categories. Notably, $0.5 million (Ushs 1,850,000,000) was allocated to Equipment and Others, while $3.0 million (Ushs 11,100,000,000) was channeled into Administration and Governance.

National Teams received $1.4 million (Ushs 5,180,000,000) demonstrating FIFA’s commitment to bolstering Uganda’s international football performance.

Capacity development, including grassroots programs, coaching, and refereeing, secured $0.4million (Ushs 1,480,000,000) aiming to enhance the quality of football across all levels.

A slight amount of $0.7 million (Ushs 2,590,000,000) was dedicated to women’s football, emphasizing gender equality and inclusivity in the sport. Competitions received $0.8 million (Ushs 2,960,000,000) while infrastructure improvements were allocated $4.2 million (Ushs 15,540,000,000).

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