Government will Support Transformative Writers – Minister Mutuuzo

Government will Support Transformative Writers – Minister Mutuuzo

By Our Reporter

The State Minister for gender and culture Peace Mutuuzo has said that government will support writers whose books and writings help in mindset change and transformation.

“We have a plan to give resources not only to industrialization but also innovations that comes along including those who are writing. So we shall support those who are interested in writing for as long as what they have written is one that is going to transform people’s minds under the NDPIII,” she said.

State Minister for Gender and Culture Peace Mutuuzo giving her speech. Courtesy photo

She made these remarks at the launch of the Fourth Heritage Initiative at the Uganda National Culture Centre in Kampala on Monday.

The Initiative is a voluntary transformation organisation whose founding was inspired by the ideas in the books The Fourth Heritage and Beyond the Fourth Heritage that was written by the Chairman and founding member Emmanuel Kirunda.

She further said that the initiative is in line with the government’s program namely the human capital development and the community mobilization through mindset change under the national development program (NDP III) three.

She also said that the initiative is a good one because it is not only targeting Uganda but the entire African continent which is a step in the right direction for regional integration.

She stated that the launch of the initiative is timely as it will improve as positive mindset change can have far reaching effects on people’s lives and society as a whole including self-esteem, identity and homes.

Mutuuzo also said that any person’s greatest day in life is the day when they discover their purpose for existence which starts from the mind.

Mutuuzo stressed that in the fourth industrial revolution, the world is still struggling to find out where Africa. But she says that not all hope is lost since the civilization began in Africa, and we can still pick up and understand where we lost it from and charter a way forward.

According to the minister, Uganda is uniquely placed in that it has the most diverse tribes whereby out of the 6,500 tribes in the world, 65 are found here.  Therefore the country can use the diverse tribes and cultures to promote our heritage.

She called upon the young people to embrace and take advantage of the Initiative as they avoid the six killer mindsets of victimhood, inferiority complex, self hate, herd mentality, copycatism and elite dilemma.

Mutuuzo says that to forge a way forward we need to learn from the past mistakes of our ancestors so that we don’t repeat them, and also learn from the things that they did right. She also rallied the public to stop blaming colonialism for our woes as Africans and move on.

“It is not important to continue living in a dilemma, and blame situations that we are encompassed with on anyone but ourselves,” she stated.

She encouraged young people to read because it is only through it that they will expand on their brain power and discover their true potential.

Fagil Mandy; one of the members of the board of the Initiative said that Africa deserves more than it is being given, and the game changer is the Africans to make the change, and not wait for Europeans and Americans to come up with solutions to our own problems.

Emmanuel Kirunda the chairman of the Fourth Heritage Initiative making his presentation. Courtesy photo

Emmanuel Kirunda said that not all is lost and Africans can reawaken their minds and come out of the six killer mindsets and live to their full potential by being critical of their culture, religion and colonial past without feeling inferior to Europeans, Americans and Asians.

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