Entebbe mayor to young engineers: Make Uganda proud in America

Entebbe mayor to young engineers: Make Uganda proud in America

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Entebbe – Excitement was palpable at Entebbe International Airport over the weekend as the Municipality Mayor Fabrice Rulinda, proudly flagged off a group of teenagers from Young Engineers Uganda who are representing Uganda at the prestigious Vex World Robotics championships 2023 in Dallas, Texas.

The team of talented youngsters, who were part of the renowned Young Engineers Uganda STEM education organization, who have worked tirelessly for months, honing their robotics skills and developing cutting-edge technologies to compete on the global stage.

Entebbe Mayor, Fabrice Rulinda, flagging off a group of teenagers from Young Engineers Uganda to represent Uganda at the prestigious Vex World Robotics Championships 2023 in Dallas, Texas

Their hard work and dedication has paid off, earning them the honor of representing Uganda in this highly anticipated international competition.

Mayor Rulinda, a staunch advocate for innovation and STEM education, was beaming with pride as he addressed the young engineers before their departure. “You are not only representing Entebbe, but the entire nation of Uganda,” he said. “Your passion, creativity, and ingenuity are an inspiration to us all. I have no doubt that you will make Uganda proud at the Vex World Robotics championships.”

            Some of the youngsters ready to showcase their talent

The young engineers, ranging in age from 9 to 14, were brimming with excitement as they boarded the plane to Dallas, accompanied by their coaches and mentors. They had spent countless hours designing, building, and programming their robots, which were set to compete against teams from over 70 countries in various challenges and competitions at the championship.

The team had overcome numerous challenges along the way, including limited resources and access to cutting-edge technology, but their determination and passion for robotics had propelled them forward. Their journey was a testament to the power of innovation and the potential of young Ugandan talent.

Young Engineers Uganda team together with their team leader Maureen Karamagi shortly before setting off to USA

As the team touched down in Dallas on Monday, they were greeted with a warm welcome from the international robotics community. The championship venue was abuzz with energy and excitement, as teams from around the world showcased their robots and competed in intense battles of skills and strategies.

The Ugandan team, adorned in their vibrant national colors, wasted no time in showcasing their robots, which were equipped with innovative features and unique functionalities.

Their robots have already impressed the audience and fellow competitors alike, showcasing their prowess in engineering, programming, and teamwork.

Throughout the championship, the Ugandan team is likely to face tough competition from experienced teams, but they remain undeterred.

“They will use their critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork to tackle complex challenges and make strategic decisions on the fly,” says Young Engineers Founder and spokesperson, Media guru Arinaitwe Rugyendo.

Rugyendo said this being their first at the world event, it is a win for Uganda.

                  Vex championship stage set for the performances

“This is what matters. They have opened the door for the rest of the Ugandan children who will be critical to the future of this nation. Competing at this world cup of Robitics championship is already a win for Uganda and Africa,” he added.

Their efforts are already paying off as they are advanced through the rounds, garnering praise for their innovative approach and tenacity.

The Ugandan team’s unwavering determination and dedication are also catching the attention of international media and fellow participants, earning them accolades for their impressive performance, including a special girl-powered badge of honour for fielding more girls than boys on its team.

Team Uganda consists of the following members:

Lowena Mwiza Rugyendo (14) – Viva College School, Jinja.

Liam Mukisa (12) – Mengo Secondary School.

Ciara Nyamate Bwesigye (13) – Taibah International School.

Pearl Ayebale (12) – Kampala Standard Primary School.

Celine Nyonyozi Bwesigye (11) – Taibah International School.

Samuel Kazoora (11) – The Hungry Caterpillar International School.

Aleem Mangalji (9) – The Forest School Online.

“Young Engineers Uganda is proud to have such a diverse and talented team representing Uganda at the Vex Worlds Championships, and they are determined to make their mark on the global stage with their passion for robotics and commitment to gender equality in STEM,” said Maureen Karamagi who is heading Team Uganda.

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