Easter message: Museveni underlines magic bullet to Uganda’s economic development

Easter message: Museveni underlines magic bullet to Uganda’s economic development

By Evans Najuna
Kiruhura – In his Easter message, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has highlighted Uganda’s progress in as far as economic development is concerned amidst the hardships the country is currently going through.
Being the herdsman that he is, the president is currently in countryside home in Rwakitura where he’s attending to cattle. He said that Easter eve found him dipping (Okubbika) his herds that at the farm.
The President and First Lady grazing cattle in their countryside home. Courtesy photo
Museveni informed Ugandans especially the Bazukkulu (young generation) the tradition of the Banyankole herds that lived near a home called enkoroogyi (the herd that stays near the head of the family) and the enjuungu (the exotic-the Friesians), saying that these were the ones he was dipping against ticks.
He also congratulated everyone who survived Covid-19 and Ebola, and other problems such as the high commodity prices and other hardships notwithstanding. “As I always tell you, if you maintain peace and listen to the guidance of the NRM, there is no obstacle, we cannot overcome,” Museveni said.
Concerning the country’s economic growth and development, the president said that the economy is expanding both quantitatively and qualitatively.
He picked five examples as he used them to illustrate Uganda’s economic take off. According to the president, the 5 examples are; Coffee, milk and tea.
Coffee production in 1986 was only 2 million, 60kgs bags; Museveni says Uganda is now producing 8.5 million bags, targeting hitting 12 million bags soon.
He added that, tea was 3 million kilograms in 1986 and it is now 60 million kilograms. Milk he says was a mere 200 million litres per annum and it’s  5.3billion litres per annum, adding that the portion that goes to factories is 3.6billion litres.
Museveni asserted cotton production as a fourth example in Uganda’s economic growth saying that, it is no longer being exported as just lint cotton.
He gave an example of the shirts he normally wears which are locally made by fine-spinners. His fifth example of Kiira Motors, where he said that scientists are supported by government funding which is trying to address the issue of electric mobility by making electric cars, buses among others.
The president explained that there is nothing that Uganda as a country can aim at and fail to achieve it. He however stressed that, the only delaying factors have been the phenomenon of the parasitism by some career politicians and civil servants and introduce corruption in the process of implementing government programmes such as; PDM, Emyooga, Micro-finance and others.
He said these should not be tolerated and will not be tolerated. Otherwise, the sky is the limit. “I have, since the colonial times, seen the parasitism of unpatriotic civil servants and extension workers such as vets and medics at the expense of we the wealth creators (the cattle-keepers, crops farmers, artisans, fishermen etc.) by taking bribes and selling government drugs, ” he added.
He further reminded Ugandans that after independence, some of the politicians became corrupt, adding that; “Before independence, the few politicians that were around, such as Ignatius K Musaazi, had no access to power (decision-making). Hence, they had no opportunity to be corrupt or otherwise,” he said.
Concerning the current breed of politicians, Museveni said it is a great shame that those elected by the wealth creators, betray them and become corrupt, stealing government money, taking bribes to provide extra service.
The president conclusively acused the current crop of politicians who harass foreign investors and other service providers, adding that these solicit for bribes.
Museveni implored investors but also the citizens to always report anyone who asks them for bribes so as to eradicate the vice. “The war is between the genuine wealth creators (farmers, manufacturers, fishermen, service providers) on the one hand, and the parasites in the form of some corrupt civil servants, now joined by some politicians who sell decisions for bribes,” he concluded.

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