Controversy erupts in USSSA-Greater Masaka Netball Qualifiers

Controversy erupts in USSSA-Greater Masaka Netball Qualifiers

  • June 30, 2024
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By Emmanuel Sekago

Sembabule District, Uganda — The USSSA-Greater Masaka Ball Games Two qualifiers witnessed significant controversy during the netball match between Notre Dame High School and Crested Secondary School.

The match, marred by abrupt changes in umpires and unconventional officiation methods by the second group, raised eyebrows within the sporting community.

For Starters, There was an unexpected change of umpires mid-match, leading to concerns about fairness and consistency in officiating, Unconventional Officiation were the second group of umpires introduced a new style of officiation, which some stakeholders perceived as favoring one team over the other.

Also There are allegations of intended protection of an endangered team, casting doubt on the integrity of the competition.

“We reluctantly accept what transpired as a ‘defeat’,” stated Head Teacher Daniel Isiiko, reflecting the disappointment and frustration felt by Notre Dame High School amidst the controversy.

Despite the challenges, Notre Dame High School competed valiantly throughout the USSSA-Greater Masaka Ball Games Two qualifiers; Notre Dame HS Masaka 15 -03 Buyamba SS, Notre Dame HS Masaka 20 – 05 Masaka vs Kisojo, Notre Dame HS Masaka 9 – 12 Bakita, Notre Dame HS Masaka 8 -10 Crested and Notre Dame HS Masaka 11 – 04 Sr Sabasitiyani
Unfortunately, Notre Dame High School faced a setback with the absence of Atwikirize Danitah due to a serious injury, which significantly affected their performance and ultimately led to their exit from the USSSA-Greater Masaka Ball Games Two qualifiers.

Looking Forward, as the controversy unfolds, stakeholders in the sporting community and beyond are calling for transparency and fair play in future competitions. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding sportsmanship and integrity in all levels of competition.

Meanwhile, following the USSSA-Greater Masaka qualifiers, eight schools have secured their spots to represent the zone at the upcoming USSSA-National netball games scheduled to take place at Teso College – Aloet in July.

These schools have demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, earning their place among the top contenders in netball from the Greater Masaka region.

Qualified Schools; Mawogola High School, Blessed Sacrament Kimanya, Kaddugala Secondary School, Mateete Comprehensive, St. James Kyotera, Nile Citizens’ High School, Victoria College and St. Josephine Bakhita.

The USSSA-Greater Masaka zone was allocated eight slots for the national netball games, reflecting the competitive nature and depth of talent within the region. These schools emerged victorious after intense competition and are now preparing to represent Greater Masaka at the national level.

As they gear up for the USSSA-National games at Teso College – Aloet, these schools will focus on further honing their skills, strategy development, and teamwork. The competition promises to be challenging, with each school aiming to make their mark and compete for the national title.

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