Congolese MP Banio vows to retain seat in Parliament

Congolese MP Banio vows to retain seat in Parliament

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi

ARUA. On December 20, 2023, Congolese will wake up to vote for their leaders for a constitutional five-year term in office.

The leaders to be voted for include the President, Members of Parliament (MPs) and Provincial representatives among others.

Orodrio Angupi Robert expressing a point on Saturday. Photo by Andrew Cohen Amvesi

The exercise will take place across the country. Currently, campaigns have climaxed with candidates doing all what it takes to market their manifestos to electorates.

In the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Daniel Banio Debho, the Aru Territorial MP (Depute National) has vowed to retain his seat given the love electorates have for him on ground.

Speaking to journalists in Aru on Saturday, Banio who is vying for a third term in office said he intends to use the coming reign to follow up on unfinished businesses for his people in the national Parliament.

A total of 287 candidates have shown interest to represent the people of Aru to Parliament of which the first six candidates will go through, according to the constitution DRC. Banio’s vote number is 103 on the ballot of the candidates to be elected on Wednesday next week.

“My brothers and sisters, I have come back to you to seek your vote again to go to Parliament to accomplish my programs. The programs I ‘m talking about include; fostering peace between Congo and Uganda especially along the border. We recently had some border conflicts and to solve such conflicts, it needs people like me who understand the root cause of the problems to still be there,” Banio said.

“I also want you to vote for me again to change your livelihoods through lobbying for road construction programs. We had an opportunity to meet the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni who accepted to tarmac for us the road from Goli to Bunia, a project which has not yet started and all this needs my follow up. President Museveni also accepted our request to have a Congolese Consulate in Arua and a Ugandan Consulate to be established in Bunia to help the people on both, and all these need a person like me to follow up,” Bania added.

Besides, Banio said they are still in talks with the Ugandan government to bring electricity to Eastern DRC towns of Aru, Duruba and Mahagi among others so that the people can economically get empowered.

“So, there is still a lot for me to do. With all these developmental programs in line, I request you to give me your votes. We are 287 people on the ballot and out of the 287, six will go to Parliament and I’m the first among the six because of the love my people have for me,” Banio said.

Robert Angupi Orodrio, a candidate representing Aru to the Province of Ituri in Bunia said they have joined President Felix Tshisekedi in advocating for free education and free access to health care services across the country if voted in office again.

Orodrio who is conducting a joint campaign with Banio said if given the mandate, they will ensure that the Aru Territorial Administration block which was constructed by colonialists is newly built under their administration.

Orodrio praised Banio for the good work he has done and asked people to give him another chance so that together, they can work for the development of Aru territory.

A total of 488 candidates have expressed interest in the provincial position in Aru of which the first nine will get the opportunity to sit in Bunia. Orodrio’s vote number is 179 on the ballot paper.






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