Child Dies After Birth While Health Workers Played Cards At Kabale Health Center

Child Dies After Birth While Health Workers Played Cards At Kabale Health Center

By Libino Byamukama

Expectant Mothers at Maziba Health center IV Ndorwa east constituency Kabale district have raised a red flag on the harassment from the health workers at the facility. The red flag comes after a mother lost her child after giving birth out of negligence from the health workers.

Tibakyirana Silva and his wife Peace Tibakyirana, residents of Kagweru in Maziba Sub County had gone for antenatal care on Saturday 16th July.

On the night of 24th Sunday, the health workers neglected her as she was in labour pains and on Monday around 2pm, she managed to deliver from the maternity ward being helped by the fellow expectant mothers in the ward.

However after delivering, a child never cried, a thing which prompted the Medical interns (in blue uniform) to rush the child on oxygen.

In the evening around 7pm, the baby’s conditions deteriorated before they were given a referral to Kabale regional referral hospital where she died moments later.

Mr. Tibakyirana attributed the cause of death to the nurses who had rejected her wife for the whole night attending those who had offered money before them.

Mrs. Peace Tibakyirana said that the nurses had vacated the facility leaving behind medical interns who kept watching her only at the time she was giving birth.

She added that the nurses had  told her that she was not going to get any service before they see  her husband yet she was already in labour pains.(the child had already brought the head)

She further said that her colleagues have been delivering in the maternity ward without the help of the health workers the one week she had spent on the facility.

The expectant mothers who never wanted their  Names to be revealed fearing embarrassment from the rude health worker said that calling the nurses without money it’s like someone writing on water.

They accused health workers only identified as Phionah and Betty for having continuously harassed them and going for cards (Matatu) mostly at the time of delivery leaving them with medical interns

They further pinned them for asking bribes before offering any service saying that when you call them without money, they tell you openly that they are busy.

They also said that it’s unfortunate that you can’t tell the nurses who are on duty and who are not.

The expectant mothers said that they were shocked when a heartless nurse only identified as Judith who was off duty, but busy sunbathing outside the ward telling them that it was None of her business and that they should look for a nurse who was on duty..

“She told us to look for a nurse who was on duty and that we should let her watch her movie on a smart phone,” the expectant mothers said.

Kobusingye Patience and Dora Asiimwe from Maziba Sub County said that they were discharged before their children got vaccinated with polio vaccines.

Kobusingye added that out of the five children she has, she had never been discharged from the hospital before she received the polio vaccine.

She added that last week the nurses sold her mama kits at 15000 cash.

Speaking to our reporter on a phone call, the Maziba Health Center IV in-charge Dr. Ronald Tumwesigye admitted that the health workers always play the cards (Matatu) at the facility around 5-6PM after their duty.

Ronald said that he spent the whole day in supervision and as soon as he arrived, he gave them a referral using the facility double cabin car

Our reporter further discovered that every after lunch, the Health workers at the facility go for Matatu and the whole facility is left with Medical  interns who have nothing much  to do with expectant mothers.

Witnesses discovered by our reporter, expectant mothers deliver in maternity wards with the help of the patients in the ward.

Expectant mothers fear talking on the rude health workers and sources have it that health workers only identified as Christine, Betty and Phionah are the leading Matatu players at the facility.

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