Capt. JB Bamuturaki appeals Civilians to support National Forces to defend their territorial boundaries

Capt. JB Bamuturaki appeals Civilians to support National Forces to defend their territorial boundaries

Amos Tayebwa


As Uganda celebrates 38 years of NRM Liberation Anniversary, the former Mbarara District LC5 Chairman Capt. John Bosco Tumusiime Bamuturaki has appealed to public especially Citizens to work hand in hand with the army and police to make sure that security and peace are strongly sustained in Uganda.

Through his message towards the celebrations of NRM Liberation anniversary, as a serving UPDF Officer, Bamuturaki urged that every Citizen in Uganda should be at the lookout to ensure they report any negative movement within his or her area of jurisdiction so that these bad elements are handled by professional security agencies.

Bamuturaki revealed that few Ugandans went to the bush mainly to liberate Ugandans who were suffocated, mistreated and tortured by the then bad leadership.

He added that Ugandans must appreciate that it was a struggle by the NRA soldiers against bad leadership. That the struggle was meant to liberate this Uganda.

Bamuturaki added that Ugandans must learn from that experience that Uganda should not go back to the same bad system which they fought.

He also appealed to Ugandans to respect the constitution of this country and defend their territorial boundaries. He said that Civilians have the mandate of the constitution to protect their territorial boundaries and fight any enemy that tries to attack their own country.

He added that ADF rebels should not be a problem to this country if civilians can positively work hand in hand with the National Forces.

“I will give you an example, You know our constitution is very clear, it gives the mandate to a civilian or a Mwananchi to detect, identify and arrest and handover the criminal to the police or the army. Now the forces we have, the police and the army cannot protect every Ugandan by numbers, it is impossible, but we are saying where people meet unknown people moving around let them report incidents to the national police or army” said Bamuturaki.

“Secondly, this ADF you hear about is not permanently based in the country. Because of our being on ground it has deterred ADF, now they are having a permanent basement in DRC. They just sneak inside, cause havoc and go back and you know many have been put out of action by trying to sneak into our country to cause havoc. Lets all work together to have a peaceful Uganda. This liberation reminds us that there were Human rights abuse but now with democracy within the country the Wananchi have liberty, we no longer have those roadblocks where you could not move 50meters without a roadblock, human rights were abused, where people were tortured, where innocent people were killed, so we don’t want these things happen again” he added.

Capt. Bamuturaki has also asked the public not to misuse the freedom and peace that were given to them by this government.

He appealed to the Citizens to properly use the freedom of speech that is given to them and use it to transform the society rather than misusing it by abusing the leaders of their areas.

Bamuturaki is currently on ground in Kashari South Constituency in Mbarara District in search of votes for the next election on the MP seat. He is set to unseat the incumbent MP Nathan Twesigye Itungu whom the electorates accuse of poor service delivery.

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