Bishop Stuart University VC Accuses Mbarara City, Govt Over Disservice To The University Community

Bishop Stuart University VC Accuses Mbarara City, Govt Over Disservice To The University Community

By Our Reporter
Bishop Stuart University Vice Chancellor Prof. Mauda Kamatenesi Mugisha has accused Mbarara City Council and government for neglecting this University and yet they pay billions of money to the government through URA  taxes and NSSF.
Prof. Kamatenesi BSU VC
Kamatenesi has revealed that BSU alone pays over 5billions UGx taxes to URA and NSSF. She argues that its very unfortunate that when Mbarara City Council is working  on the public roads it doesn’t consider the road networks for Bishop Stuart university community. She said that Bishop Stuart University community has the worst road networks that connect the University and that the University have been doing very well by paying their taxes. That BSU was even transfered by URA to the headquarters as the medium income tax payer because they pay well.

Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi (1)
“We currently pay about 5b to NSSF and URA per year. Since i reached here, we have paid about 8billions to this government.  So we are requesting the government and Mbarara City Council to give us a very good road network to the University community and even within the University, we need lights because the University having very many students, having several places like hostels around, lights on the road sides  so that our students can have safety”, said Kamatenesi.
Pro. Mauda Kamateneti an Rose Rwankore at BSU inte
There are roads that the Vice Chancellor insisted should be worked on which include Kakoba to Bishop Stuart Play Ground,  Koranorya to Bishop Stuart, Buremba to BSU, and most importantly  Mbarara City Council must construct  a bridge that connects Bishop Stuart University and Kaburangire Katete on River Rwizi. That the issue of constructing a bridge on this place has been in plans of the council for over nine years but up to now nothing has ever been implemented.  ” If this bridge was done, our students would be staying in Katete because it is very close. We have a primary school, Bishop Stuart Primary School  Learners who are using the water to cross  to school and am told that during the rainy season these kids risk, they have to tie ropes and then they are being pulled by the river to cross and come to study which is very dangerous to them. This primary has 800 number of pupils. We need this Government and Mbarara City Council to come and help us”,  she added
Pro. Mauda Kamatenesi in one of the meeting
Speaking to Our reporter, Kamatenesi  said that she has tried to talk to some of Mbarara City Leaders including the Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi who is an Alumina of BSU, Division Mayor Jomo Mugabe but they all neglected the request. ” And am sure Mbarara City Council Leaders know what we contribute alot to the development of this City,  now its high time they give back to us as the University, we are one of the institutions in Mbarara that pay big taxes”, said Kamatenesi.
Kamatenesi also pleaded that Mbarara City Council should also support the University on constructing sports complex which has the capacity of doing many sports within Mbarara. Kamatenesi said that as a University, they don’t have that much money to afford  such a big project.
Bishop Stuart University have been in existence for about 20 years and its a University charter,  It has an enrollment of about 4000 students.
Speaking to the Mayor Kakyebezi, he said that the issue of road networks for Bishop Stuart University and the entire community is very crucial. That as Mbarara City Council they will look into this matter and see how they can fix in their budget to support them in the coming financial years.

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