Amus, Kitende Drawn in Tough Groups

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Draws for the 20th edition of the East Africa secondary school’s games has been released. The games will take place in Arusha City, Tanzania from September 14th to 24th.

SMASK are the defending champions of FEASSSA football. Courtesy photo 

Uganda will be represented by different schools in various boys and girl’s competitions ranging from football volleyball, tennis, badminton, netball, rugby, handball, swimming and several others.

2022 USSSA football champions, St Mary’s Secondary  School– Kitende are in group B with Katoro School from Tanzania, Ebwali (Kenya), Buddo (Uganda) and Trust St. Patricks from Tanzania.

Amus College School girls football squad. Courtesy photo 

Kibuli SS will tussle in group A against new comers in the competition, St Andrews, Kaggwa (Uganda), ES Gasiza (Rwanda), Highway Sec (Kenya) and Kiwira Coal Mines from Tanzania.

In girls football there are only two groups each comprising five teams. New comers Amus College School and USSSA champions, St. Noa Girls drawn in group A alongside Wiyeta (Kenya), Isevya SS (Tanzania) and a yet to be determined second team from Rwanda, Kawempe Muslim (Uganda) are in group B alongside, Dagoretti Mixed (Kenya), IP Mukarange (Rwanda), Alliance SS (Tanzania) and Sacred Heart, Gulu from Uganda.

The official reporting day for all the teams in 14th September 2022 ahead of the long anticipated kick off.

Complete Draws:


Pool A; Katoro SS (Tz), Kobala (Ke), Madina Islamic (Ug) and St Marys-Kitende (Ug).

Pool B; St Noa Girls (Ug), Vwawa SS (Tz), Buddo SS (Ug) and Bumala AC (Ke).

Football (Boys)

Pool A; Kiwira Coal Mines (Tz), Highway Sec(Ke), ES Gasiza (Rw), St Andrews, Kaggwa (Ug) and Kibuli SSS (Ug).

Pool B; Katoro (Tz), Ebwali (Ke), St. Mary’s SS Kitende (Ug), Buddo SS (Ug) and Trust St Patrick (Ug).

Football (Girls)

Pool A; Amus College (Ug), St Noa Girls (Ug), Wiyeta (Ke) and Isevya SS (Tz).

Pool B; Dagoretti Mixed (Ke), Kawempe Muslim (Ug), IP Mukarange (Rw) and Sacred Heart (Ug).

Basketball 5X5 (Girls)

Pool A; Kaya Tiwi (Ke), Kibasila SS (Tz), St. Mary’s SS Kitende (Ug) and Buddo SS (Ug).

Pool B; Orkeeswa SS (Tz), Lycee De Kigali (Rw), Nabisunsa Girls(Ug), St Noa Girls (Ug) and Olympic (Ke).

Basketball 5×5 (Boys)

Pool A; Aggrey (Ke), Buddo SS (Ug), Nsumba SS(Tz) and Trust St Patrick (Ug).

Pool B; Juhudi SS (Tz), Lycee De Kigali (Rw), Dagoretti High (Ke), Bethel Covenant (Ug) and St Cyprian (Ug).

Volleyball (Girls)

Pool A; Kajunjumele SS (Tz), IPRC Kigali (Rw), Kaseson (Ke) and St Elizabeth (Ug).

Pool B; Katikamu (Ug), Kwanthanze (Ke), Mkalapa SS (Tz) and Hilton HS (Ug).

Volleyball (Boys)

Pool A; Nsumba SS (Tz), Buremba (Ug), Manugongo Voc (Ug) and Cheptil (Ke).

Pool B; Namwela (Ke), ESSA Nyarugunga (Rw), Standard High (Ug) and Bommbamzinga (Tz).

Handball (Girls)

Pool A; St Joseph High (Ke), Kawanda SS (Ug), Kilombero SS (Tz) and Late Comer 1.

Pool B; Kibuli SS (Ug), Kiziguro (Rw), Moi Kamusinga (Ke) and Katoro (Tz).

Handball (Boys)

Pool A; Kilombero SS (Tz), Gombe SS (Ug), Hospital Hill (Ke) and Adegi (Rw)

Pool B; Es Kigoma (Rw), Maweni (Tz), Kamito (Ke) and Dynamic (Ug).

Athletics (Boys and Girls)

Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Swimming (Boys and Girls)

Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Lawn Tennis (Boys)

Kibuli SS (Ug), Ntare Sch (Ug), Namilyango (Ug) Sokoni SS (Tz) and Kenya.

Lawn Tennis (Girls)

Kibuli SS (Ug), Mary Hill (Ug), Mt St Marys Namagunga (Ug) , Sokoni SS (Tz) and Kenya.

Badminton (Boys)

Jeffrey (Tz), Kibuli (Ug), Kakungulu Mem (Ug) and Kenya.

Badminton (Girls)

Jeffrey SS (Tz), Mbogo HS (Ug), Nabisunsa Girls (Ug) and Kenya.

Rugby 15s

Makerere College (Ug), Elerai SS (Tz), Namilyango College (Ug) and Kings College, Buddo (Ug).

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