49-year-old Police PSU Boss arrested for defiling 1-year-old toddler

49-year-old Police PSU Boss arrested for defiling 1-year-old toddler

By Our Reporter

ARUA. A 49-year-old police officer who is in charge of disciplining fellow cops in the West Nile region has been arrested for allegedly defiling a one year and nine months old child.

IP Thomas Otim, the West Nile region Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) boss was on Tuesday arrested after a week of investigations into the matter.

Nsiima sheds tears while narrating the ordeal

Josephine Angucia, the North Western region Police Spokesperson confirmed the arrest and said Otim was accused of aggravated defilement, an offense he allegedly committed in his house at Arua police barracks on Independence Day.

“It is true that Arua Central Business Division of police are investigating an allegation of aggravated defilement that occurred on October 9, 2023 at about mid-day at Arua police barracks in Arua city. According to the information we got, it is alleged that one police officer by the name of Otim Thomas called the victim to his room in the barracks and after some minutes, the victim went back to the mother crying that the suspect had done bad manners to her,” Angucia said.

The child has now been put on one-month-long post-exposure prophylaxis (HIV PEP) which is a short course of HIV medicines taken very soon after a possible exposure to HIV to prevent the virus from taking hold in your body.

The toddler is a child to Dr. Paul Madrama, the West Nile region Police Surgeon and Racheal Nsiima who are neighbors to the suspect.

“So, the mother became suspicious and she went ahead to check on the victim and realized that something wrong had happened to the private part of the victim. From there, she opened a case of aggravated defilement at Arua Central Business Division main station. Statements were recorded from the witnesses and also from the victim through the matter,” Angucia stated.

She said later police form 3A was issued and the victim was escorted to Arua regional referral hospital for medical examination as investigations continued into the matter under Arua Central Business Division CRB 900/2023.

“The suspect was accordingly arrested and examined on police form 24A, the crime scene was visited by the investigating team and it was documented. The suspect is right now detained at Arua Central Police Station meanwhile the case file was compiled and forwarded to the Resident State Attorney Arua for perusal and legal advice,” Angucia narrated.

“The medical examination indicated that actually something happened to the girl’s private parts and there was a scratch inside the private part of the girl (inside the vagina). Medically, the girl is right now on treatment, she was put on PEP to protect her from any form of eventuality,” Angucia added.

Angucia, however, said at the moment, they are not supposed to mention the medical status of the suspect because a suspect has the right to privacy.

According to the mother of the child, on the fateful day after returning from the Independence parade, Otim called the minor twice and later decided to come and pick her himself.

“That day Otim came from the parade and called my daughter twice but she refused to even respond. He insisted on calling and the girl responded, saying I’m pupuring, the man went away. He came again and called the child and the girl said I’m necked; the man went away. The third time he came and just carried my girl and took her to his home,” Nsiima explained.

“But within a minute, the girl screamed, I knew something wrong had happened because that was a screaming of pain. I called the brothers, I said Isaac, Stuart, you stupid children my daughter is dying somewhere and you are there, you go and get her. They went, they reached and got the girl with Otim from his house and he refused to return the girl to the brothers and took her to the shop where he bought soda for her and she stopped crying,” Nsiima further stated.

Nsiima said but when the girl came back to her in the kitchen, she started crying afresh, saying uncle did bad manners to her.

“She insisted that her private part was burning and paining until I had to check and indeed, I saw something had gone wrong. I also started crying after noticing that the girl had sustained injuries in her private part. I called her father who also checked and concluded that something wrong happened. The girl’s private part was red with a small tear on the side. I later went to report the matter to the police,” Nsiima narrated as tears rolled down her cheek.

“On that day (October 9, 2023), my girl had just turned one year and nine months old. She is very small. I’m just a helpless woman, I don’t have money to follow up the case but I’m praying that justice must be served to me for the sake of my child. One week, he (Otim) has been free and I have been fighting for God to help me. We are now confused because he doesn’t look like someone who is okay,” Nsiima said.

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