UBF assembly passes Ugx17b budget for FY2023/24

UBF assembly passes Ugx17b budget for FY2023/24

By Emmanuel Sekago

At the Uganda boxing federation (UBF) Annual General Meeting (AGM) sitting at Route 256 in Lugogo Kampala on Friday, January 28th 2023, passed without drama with the federation listing the developments that have transpired in the last 365 days of a pandemic-struck boxing calendar year.

UBF also passed a budget of Ugx17b for the new financial year 2023-2024. The money will cover the 36 focus areas of the federation that include administration,  national teams, boxing  development, competitions-local, regional and internationals, marketing, membership, communications, and governance.

UBF treasurer Richard Muhumunza presented before the delegates the detailed financial report that entails expected incomes vis-à-vis expenditures.

Uganda peoples defense force (UPDF) delegate Moses Muganga moved the motion to approve the financial statement and was seconded by Zebra boxing club delegate Mercy Mukakunsi and a one Hajji Juma; a delegate from Kyegera boxing club.

Income: Different sources as grants in aid government Ugx16,453,776,250, membership-subscription Ugx9,400,000, support from international federation Ugx190,000,000, gate collections Ugx240,000,000, tournament participation fees Ugx57,000,000, sponsorships – (NIL), donations –(NIL) and others-executive committee donations Ugx350,000,000.

                   Amateur boxes sparring during qualifiers. Courtesy photo

Expenditure: The passed budget shall cater for all UBF expenses and this has been categorized into the 36 focus areas  that include; IBA elite world boxing championships Ugx1,524,752,500 (8.81%), IBA world youth boxing championships Ugx1,701,023,750 (9.83%), Olympic and Para games Ugx1,452,000,000 (8.39%), world boxing cup Ugx684,000,000 (3.95%), world boxing tour Ugx700,000,000 (4.05%), world combat games Ugx582,000,000 (3.36%), world military games Ugx582,000,000 (3.36%), international friendlies Ugx950,000,000 (5.49%).

All Africa games Ugx1,266,400,000 (7.32%), AFBC youth competitions (men and women) Ugx405,000,000 (2.34%), AFBC elite competitions (men and women) Ugx405,000,000 (2.34%), AFBC women elite Ugx365,000,000 (2.11%), AFBC men’s elite Ugx365,000,000 (2.11%), Africa boxing cup Ugx956,000,000 (5.53%), AFBC zone 3 youth Ugx385,000,000 (2.23%), AFBC zone 3 elite boxing Ugx385,000,000 (2.23%), elite East Africa championship Ugx303,500,000 (1.75%), East Africa youth championship Ugx303,500,000 (1.75%), national teams training Ugx350,000,000 (2.02%), inter kingdom competitions Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), cadets boxing championship Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), national novices Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), national intermediates Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%).

National opens, Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), national schools championships Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), schools boxing league Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), national juniors Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), inter regional championship Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), club leagues and legends cup Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), universities boxing championship Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), inter boxing league Ugx150,000,000 (0.87%), administrative costs Ugx450,000,000 (2.60%), capital developments Ugx1,000,000,000 (5.78%), competition equipment’s Ugx250,000,000 (1.45%), capacity building Ugx340,000,000 (1.97%) and corporate social responsibility Ugx80,000,000 (1.04%).

In line with the boxing federation’s vision and mission this year’s budget is centered on nurturing, supporting and promoting the boxing talent with the country, with the objectives; to increase the number of girls and women in the boxing fraternity especially the boxers, coaches and officials capability.

To promote competitiveness of Ugandan boxers on the international scene and in turn increase their earning capability, Building capacity of coaches, referees and judges as well as Uganda boxing federation officials and lastly to aggressively promote the sport at grass root level all over the country.

Meanwhile, UBF expects to receive and spend a total of Ugx17,300,176,250 billion for financial year 2023-2024 with the government of Uganda remaining its main source of funding, and expect to draw funding by building international partnerships which they anticipate to attract through participating more in competitions especially at international level.

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