New record: Former MP marries two wives in one ceremony

New record: Former MP marries two wives in one ceremony

By Aaron Wafula

Bududa – Watenga Godfrey Nabutanyi, a former Lutseshe county Member of Parliament (MP), married his two women over the weekend in one ceremony that has been dubbed “twin marriage” of the year.

Many Ugandan men continue to have mistresses on the side of their marriages to the extend of siring children with them, with or without the knowledge of the officially wedded wife of the family.

The traditional ceremony was held at Watenga’s paternal home in Bubisikwa lower cell, Kuushu town council in Bududa district where families of both his wives; Beatrice Nanzala and Christine Nekesa, arrived ahead of the event.

Reports indicate that Watenga has been with his two women for over five years, and they have children together. MP Pentagon Kamusiime, who was among the hundreds that attended the ceremony commented; “I attended my colleague’s twin marriage.

Watenga Godfrey Nabutanyi did a brave act by organizing a successful twin marriage I love his honesty because many men out there are not honest enough to do such.”

Polygamous marriages are legal in Uganda’s traditional cultures and among Muslims according to Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB).

We can only wish the newly weds a happy marriage, and Watenga has proved many out there that January is not only about financial stress, but can be double marital bliss in form of two brides in one traditional marriage ceremony.

By the time of filing this report, Guinness World Book of records was still verifying whether this ceremony is a first,  and therefore deserves to be entered into the records book.

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